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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Subang Parade - Window Shop

A break-away at Subang Parade will be a bliss ...I thought..

We have not visited Subang Parade for 6 months or more and it was a pleasant visit. The mall had a make-over. The mall look brighter, feels fresh !

Apparently on Sunday, the have mini stalls open at the certain floor. The stalls sell variety of stuff like re-cycle items, minitiatures, pets, magnets, clothes, food, plants etc .. It is a long stretch of stalls ...

After a quick breeze, we stop at Big Apple Donut (my fav !) for 6 colourful donuts. The family LOVES it.
An a surprise ! We saw Deepavali decoration on the floor. These are many from colourful rice grains. Very creative ya !

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Ija WZ said...

I prefer JCo.. hehehe..

p/s: Hi Dally, Ija WZ ni..