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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Break fast at Sungai Udang, Malacca

Sungai Udang is located at Terendak. Very easily accesable via highway. From KL, you exit Ayer Keroh tol and turn left for Sungai Udang.

My sister just moved into her new home in Taman Indah, Sungai Udang. She lives in Phase 1 housing area. Her family was among the first few to move in, renovate the home. Mark the benchmark ? hehehe

It is a single storey home with 3 rooms, 2 baths. 22 x 75. The house has very good lighting and practical interior design. Stricking cheap - RM 90k only !! If I have extra money, would have bought next to her... hehehe

We reached Malacca about noon, had a rest and went out again to buy some sweet stuff for break fast. Kids love to visit their cousins that they do not mind being left home with the maid.

After Isyak prayer, we went out about 10.30 pm to get some fire crackers. Thought it would be fun to have some noise while the neighbour is only a few .. hehe. We pass through town and it was heavily lited with colourful neon lights !

Next, we wanted to go for the Ramadhan bazaar, but it is pack jam with cars and people ! So, we decided to go to Pantai Klebang for another bazaar, yet again pack with human. We came home with only "pop-pop" fire cracker and "otak-otak"

"Otak-otak" if direct translation means brains, in actual fact, it is grilled minced spicy fish. Very hot and tasty. Try them !

Next day before we make way to KL, we drop by Pantai Kelebang for the last time. There are few bazaar open and we found local cookies selling cheap - 50 cookies for RM 13 !! We bought a few and off home.

Now I have 10 cookies canister full of great stuff !!

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QuaChee said...

have a friend living there... which is like an annual affair during cny that we will go there haha :) but its a nice place - rather peaceful heh.