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Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Cent Coin - April Fool ?

Effective 1 April 2008, Bank Negara Malaysia has set new rule to the usage of one cent coins.

Quoted from Star paper today; Under this exercise, the total amount of a bill, inclusive of tax, which ends in one, two, six and seven sen will be rounded downwards to the nearest multiple of five sen while the total bill which ends in three, four, eight and nine sen will be rounded upwards.
For example, goods priced at RM1.91 and RM1.92 will be rounded to RM1.90 while RM1.93, RM1.94, RM1.96 and RM1.97 will be rounded to RM1.95. But you may buy five pieces of a RM1.99 item and pay RM5.95.
According to Bank Negara, the introduction of this mechanism is to reduce the demand for the one sen coins. However, the coin remains legal tender for payment of goods and services.

So put aside one cent coin for memoir !

Friday, March 28, 2008

Swatch Watch Ouch!

I believe each of you would have a piece of Swatch watch.
They are adorable, reasonably priced, full of endless design and size. And, it fits all ages!

I first buy my Swatch watch in UK, during my study.
It was a flexy loop watch. After storing it for 10 years, I decided to send it for repair (I thought it was out of battery). Sadly, it was too old to repair.

And I ended buying a new limited edition White-strap swatch watch with embedded stones.

Sorry, no picture to share because it is limited edition and it is mine ! haha

Beds of Paradise

Hey - how did they do it ?

There is a saying ...if there is a will, there is a way.
With the scarcity of low lands, the China people takes advantage to rear crops on their hill tops. Look at how wonderful and creative the craved the hill slopes to become beds of paradise.

To view more, click at the "title"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Recruitment

The STAR has an interesting article yesterday. I totally agree with the writer's frustration.

Highlights of the article:
Only 20% turn up during interview after a week notice for an interview
One of 15 candidates meet min qualification (ie can converse or express themselves both in Malay and English language)
Most new hire are late to work during the first week of work
Not familiar with Office - documents or spreadsheets
It took almost half a day to draft formal letter.

Now I understand how does HR feel when they need to hire a new person.

Shoe Mania

I used to have dozens of shoes - from kitten-heels to flatforms.

It all started when I first got my pay chq and I wanted to reward myself. Then it became an obsession of colours! I did not have a shoe rack then, so shoes are piled up in boxes (labelled nicely). I then had the opportunity to work in Singapore for awhile and my collection went into wild colours and designs!

Shoe shops and/or labels would be the common Vincci, Nose, Bonia, Hush Puppies, Sonny San which you can grab at the KLCC, Lot 10, Pavillion, Jaya Jusco (in my case lar...)

I realised that in order to buy more shoes, I need to rationalise myself. I decided to discard old fashion shoes. My sisters were happy-not, they could not fit my size, so my mom happily absorb my collections.

I noticed that I love to walk with my heels and when it is broken, I opted to wear a different one instead of repairing it. Soon, all shoes are broken. Ouch! And slowly it went into the bins.

I decided to stop buying many shoes but instead to go for high quality shoes, which supposedly last longer. To-date, I only wear my few favourite shoes until it really tears (or looks ugly). I do keep sexy shoes for special events.

Now, I believe men are the same! I do have male friends who have collection of sports shoe (sports like tracking, tennis, soccer, futstal, golf). Hmm.. and I only have one pair of decent sport shoe!

So, do we really need many shoes to fit many occasions ?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Honey Corn

You need good fibre and fruit is one of good fibre source. I love simple fruits like grapes, bananas and corns.
Have you tried Honey Corn (jagung madu) ? It is breed in Ipoh and the corns are damn succulent sweet! One is not enough!

While enjoying eating corns, I noticed that I bite the corns like "typewriter" while some eats them "at random order" - if you know what I mean.

Is there a proper way of eating corn? Enlighten me.....

Fantasy Planet

Lake Garden is known for the Seafood restaurant and recreational park.

They have several playgrounds, but the huge playground named Fantasy Planet is the place to have fun (be it kids or adults).

Now, Im not suggesting you (adults) should play and spoil kids fun. But it is sure huge and fun (I tried it) *chuckle*

After drench by your own sweat, you can quench your thirst at the water-cooler nearby. If desperate to cool down, jump in the nearby lake! haha

Secret Receipe Cakes

I love good chocolate cakes.

At Secret Receipt, I always could not make up my mind and end up with 2 slices of cake. This is the case of me being greedy.

One is rich chocolate cake while the other is moist chocolate cake.
At this point of writing, I can still feel the taste and saliva is drooling.
Try it, you will love it. No regrets.

Aromatic smell

It has been raining for past 3 days.

If you feel down, you could always wind down on a cozy sofa with a sip of hot aromatic tea.

The aromatic smell lets your mind drift away together with the damp cooling breeze.

Im relaxed...

Jab on the butt

I almost fainted when I got to know that I forgot to complete my child immunisation program. The best thing, I received a gentle reminder (today) from Pejabat Kesihatan DBKL, to complete the immunisation program which was overdue by 20 months!

We went to clinic immediately and gave the little tot a gentle jab on the butt.
Despite of my panic, the little tot take it very well.

Kudos! to Pejabat Kesihatan DBKL for a great reminder.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pearl White

I had good long weekend and make an effort to go hometown in Batu Pahat, Johor.
If you are here, must try the Beriyani Rice at Benteng, Cendol at Pasar, Pisang Goreng at Jln Simpang Renggam, to name a few.

It is norm for me to scout something new in town and I fell in love with "pearl white". This colour is associated to something that I wish to own but was not sure the pocket can handle it. If God permits, "pearl white" will be mine soon.

If you want to know my new LOVE, stay tune for more updated post.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blue Screen

It is just breathtaking ...
Click on the "title" and feel the journey.

12th General Election Paper Clips

I know the election is over but the heat is still there.
I managed to snap few paper clips 2 weeks before the DAY.

To view, please click on the "title" and enjoy.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Glow of Twin Towers

I never fail to admire Petronas Twin Towers.
Almost every night or so, after watching news and TV sitcoms/short drama, I would want to have a quick night drive to admire the town.

The night drive will pass through KLCC, KL towns and if lucky some highways.

Else, a short drive will always be under the Glow of the Twin Towers.

Tea of the Day

I drink hot drink - really hot from the kettle.
It can be hot choc, latte, coffee or tea.

Today I found a new kid in town - just released recently.
It is white tea - my kind of tea, not so sweet!

A cup is not enough, it has to be a mug full.
I had had total of 4 sachets today and still craving for more.

If I were to travel, this white tea is a must for me!

Little Muffins for Little Tots

I made a brave attempt to bake muffins.
It turn out well except a bit burnt.

So to make up, I spray whipped cream and shower with choc drops - lovely!
All in all, I made 36 tiny muffins!

Now, Im thinking should I venture to baking real cakes for adults ? *dilemma*

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Job Vacancy in Distinguish Company

I had the opportunity to go through 50 resumes for the vacancy of Admin Support.

Only 2 are short listed - why?

The other applicants are rejected due to having a Degree or currently working with salary averaging RM3000 or current post as Manager.

Which part of the Advertisement was incorrect?

Unbelievable facts to share:
Some resumes were upto 10 pages!
Some had images taken from mobile phone (funny post) instead of a decent passport-size image. Some resumes are in excel spreadsheet with colourful columns!

Hello, are you serious at applying a job?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Mobile goes Crazy

This is not a real poster but it was created by a 6 year old kid!

It looks so real and the snapshot is precise.

Imagine how useful or dangerous our mobile phone can be?

So next time when you smile for a snap - think twice esp if it is a stranger !

Disney on Ice

I have always wanted to watch live Disney on Ice.
The show will be for 3 days 3-5 April 2008.
The cheapest tiket is RM55 - free seats.
I hope to grab good seat and grasph all movements on ice.
If I do go, I share you my stories later.

F1 Free Concert, Malaysia

F1 Season is here! And to start with there will be a concert on 22/3/08 at Bukit Bintang. And it is Free!

Try not to miss it as you will be entertained by powerful voices of Ferhad, Ning Baizura, Reshmonu and All-4-One. Pray that weather is cooling breeze.

Bukit Bintang has plenty of food outlets for your pit-stop fuel energy before gearing high on the concert. Go break-a-leg!

Zoo Negara

School break starts from 10/3/08-16/3/08. Need an outdoor activity ? You can visit Zoo Negara at Jalan Ampang, KL.
I went was last year July and so much improvement has been made. Mind you, it is best to visit when the weather is dry. Please note that in addition to entry fee, they charge entry fee if bring cam-recorder. I guess the fund goes to maintaining the wildlife centre.

They have a mini-train that stops at few stations for you to see the animal closer. Do make an appoint to touch the elephants and giraffe. If you are too close, you might get a lick from the giraffe. *yulks*

Towards end of the trip, they have food centre for you to quench your thirst or fill-up your empty tummy.

At the exit, try catch the animal show and buy some souveniors. This time, I bought a set of rubber animals! Funny thing, all the animals came in 3 colours - green, yellow and purple. *chuckle*

Monday, March 10, 2008

Petrosains at KLCC

Seriously, it is worth a trip to Petrosains. At RM 12, an adult get to spend min 2 hours (I did 5 hours!) explore what Science has to offer. There are so many exhibits and simulators that excite visitors of all ages.

I tried a "mind-game" ie you control an object with your mind! It takes two person to play the game and the winner is the one who manages to get a small ball across opposite side. Mind you, it is very tiring game especially if you have a very good opponent!

At RM 2, you get to slam hard the accelarator when you try the Go-Kart simulator. You get to select type of car and speed track - so choose a difficult one and feel the "maximum" impact.

A rather long queue for a helicopter-simulator ride. It flies through both good and bad weather at very short distance. Imagine the experiences and please fasten your seat belt!

There is also a simulator for football goal keeper - this is facinating and now I understand it is not easy to stop the balls from scoring!

After the 5 hours of unexpected journey, we head home, had a good lunch and had 4000 winks.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Smart Reader Kids

Nano…Nano! Do you remember this phrase? It was one of the old TV series I use to watch. And what does the kids look like? Future astronauts?

Great effort has been made by teachers of Smart Reader Kids! Our kids have been given good exposure to explore their creativity and soft skills. At tender age of 3, they too participate in the school concert – small roles but big impact to their personal well being.

Kudos teachers for the great job!

Eye on Malaysia

Have you cast your vote today? 8 March 2008 – Malaysia’s 12th General Election. It is best to vote in the morning when the weather is cooler and less crowd. Go and exercise your Right! Go Democracy.

Great Job! Why not then grab a pair of sneakers and off to Lake Titiwangsa for a real exercise, hehe. If you are not really fit, you can always do a brisk walk round the lake or join this uncle who does Tai-Chi for 1 hour.

If you want a macro view, you can always have ride in Eye on Malaysia! Panorama view of Lake Titiwangsa and KL high rise buildings.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


This is my second visit to Aquaria.

In February, they are promoting wildlife in Endau Rompin, Johor. The whole place is set jungle like with preaching sound of birds, water cascading and what not. Good thing, the queue was short.

Improvement made was they add non-marine animals like monkeys and birds. They also display endangered turtles.

Did you know that there is a 4-finger starfish ? I thought one of the finger got snapped! Haha.

At the end of the tour, you will see the gift shop with latest new design T-shirts, mugs and hats. I always go for the fridge magnet.