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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Damai Laut - Day 3

30 December 2008

Since breakfast ends at 10.30am and check-out is at 12.00am, we decided NOT to swimming - yeah !

Not to disappoint the kids, we decided to go to the beach, collect some shells.

The weather is very kind and windy. There are water activities complimentary of the hotel but we did not take up as our kids are too small.

A quick check-out and we are on the road again home. The signage is everywhere and we soon reach Bidor tol station. Ease ourselves and do some prayers, we continue our journey home.

The traffic is good and we reach home by 5.30 pm. We stop by our local stall and had chicken rice for lunch !

Damai Laut - Day 2

29 December 2008

It was not easy to wake-up early in the morning, esp after 2 hours of swim and cool rainy night. We quickly wash up and head for breakfast - yummy!

Later, we rush to our room, get change and jump into the pool. This time, the kids are braver, they know how to move around with their float. We got scolded for holding/pushing the float for them ....ceh...

We swam for 2 hours and headed to our room. Change again and off to nearest town for lunch. All back passengers are asleep (including ME!) by the time we reach the town hehehe .... We bought packed rice and some banana and tapioca fritters.

We rested awhile after our lunch, before proceeding to the pool. Swimming is like a marathon !

But the swim was short-lived when it starts to rain again..

We went to room and had an early dinner. After dinner, we sat at the poolside, enjoy the night breeze, listen to some music and watch our kids play.

By 10pm, we made move to our room and watch TV. Alas....get to rest the feet!

Damai Laut - Day 1

28 December 2008

This is our second visit to Damai Laut.

So much of fun memories especially when NY was still small. There were 3 of us, then.

This time there are 4 of us and NH is excited!

It is a windy day and kids love the sea breeze. We quickly check-in our room 152 garden view. Done with our prayers and lunch, we changed into our swimwear. Kids love their colorful floats.

After 2 hours of swimming, we went to our room, get changed for dinner time. Kids are still shivering after long stay in the pool.

We had buffet - Yes ! RM 55 for adult and RM 10 kids (>4 YO). We had fresh made pizzas (tomato and pineapple), pasta, steak, cakes and coffee.

Kids are really tired and sleepy. We end the day early.
Later at night, it starts to rain till 9 am.

Rear Passanger Seatbelt

28 December 2008

Before we start our long journey, I had to sit at the back and make sure the kids fasten their seatbelts. It is NOT easy !

I have to distract them to reading books, do some puzzle, play mobile games etc etc.

Come to a point, all back passangers are asleep (including ME!)

There are nice kampung view during the journey - coconut orchid, paddy field. We saw places where they build ships, nice bridges and Dragon fruit farm.
Almost reaching our destination, we stop by to buy some bananas.

We did not miss a turn and reach Damai Laut timely, thanks to Google Map. My HB view it via SonyE M600 mobile.

Buterfly in the Garden

27 December 2008

Oh yes ! My son spotted a butterfly resting at our banana leaf !

Below is the only best close up photo I managed to snap.

Year End 2008 Lunch

26 December 2008

Yup - we are still working because it is month end closing. We rush the necessary, skip lunch because IT system is down at 3 pm.

Afterwhich, we adjourned to Sg Wang and head straight to Johnny Steamboat !

There are 9 of us and all are starving.

Tom Yam soup is poured into the steam bowl and set to boil. At the same time, we drop in fish balls, fish cakes, dumplings, prawns, crab meats etc etc. Once boiled, each of us take our portion and gobble the food!

It is super HOT as it just came out from boil !

Lastly, after all the goodies are eaten, we crack 2 eggs and eat them half-cook (do not stir the eggs while cooking).

We bade farewell to each other for the nice lunch and off home damn-full.

Modern Comfort Cafe at Lot 10

25 December 2008

On our way to the parking lot at Lot 10, I saw a very comfortable cafe down below.

Not sure what is it called, but love the concept ! See to believe...

The Loaf biscuit for Christmas

25 December 2008

We went to Isetan Lot 10 to find my swimwear.

Got it, love it, pay for it.

Before exiting, we went to I-club centre to redeem free parking. Apparently early birds will get a pack of The Loaf biscuit !

The Loaf biscuits are nice and expensive (off course lar...). This one looks like "roti gula" but nice presentation. I think the bread has some red bean ingredient.

I tried eating slowly but still finish the biscuit in a day! aiya....

Christmas Deco at KLCC

24 December 2008

We decided to dress in baby blue color clothes....for FUN!

We wanted to buys some swimwear clothing for our year end holiday...yipee!

We are delighted to see KLCC Christmas deco is complete and beautiful. Huge christmaas tree is set with crystal, silver dangglings and red ribbons.

The christmas booth is set like gift boxes - so cute!

Both KLCC wings are decorated with floated gift boxes ....so magical !

Jamie Yu the BOSS

This is my Head of BA.

She is easy to work with, smile always and easy to talk with. In fact Im thankful that all my bosses are reasonable to work with. My life is made easier at work...hehehe

With CFC events that ended 12 Dec 08, Jamie received many cute, lovelable gifts from thoughtful friends.

Hmm.... I did not even get a rose this year CFC ....sigh

Zasura Birthday

23 December 2008

We gave Zasura a surprise birthday cake - Carrot cake with cheese topping! Yummy....

I hope Zura is surprised and happy to get warm wishes from friends.

December kids often do not get the chance to celebrate their birthday with friends, as December is month of school holidays. Hopefully in next years to come, we get to celebrate each others's birthday in office.

Undergarment day

I went shopping today and first in the list is to find new undergarments for the family !

Firstly, the ladies department. My oh my, there are many choice of colours, designs and labels. I would normally go to my favourite garment. Managed to get 3 new colorful pieces.

Next, the kids section. I bought my son Hot Wheels collection. It comes in 3 bright strong manly colours ...hehe vroommm..... My sweet girl gets 3 girlish colourful panty for the new year!

This is my first time buying my HB's brief alone! I bravely went through men's dept and look for cool briefs. There are many briefs...colourful and have many funny designs..hehehe... Finally I bought him a decent one from London. Hope he likes it.

Girls Talk

30 Dec 2008

My HB is outstation and the kids get to sleep with me. My son decided to sleep at his own room.

Before sleeping, I would normally recite some prayers, and off to bed.
But yesterday, I decided to pop some Q to my little girl. Briefly as below:

DD: NY, you LOVE mama because....
NY: You a girl...
DD: NY, you love mama because .....SOMEMORE...
NY: You bring me swimming
DD: somemore....
NY: You nice..etc etc

Then, I purposely ask the followings...
DD: NY, you do not like mama because...
NY: Mama always angry
DD: OK...you do not like mama because....somemore...
NY: Mama lets NH watch CH613, NY wants to watch CH612.
DD: somemore....
NY: etc etc

From these girls' talk, I learned that my girl wants attention. I do appreciate her honesty and try my best to be the best MOM my kids can have.

Croc Shoe Tragedy

I was happily window shopping at KLCC today when suddenly the escalator broke down.

I tot it was worthwhile waiting but the legs are too tired to stand still. I decided to climb the escalator steps as what the others did. At the top, I could not stop SMILLING.

I learned that the escalator was jammed because an adult croc shoe got stuck in between 2 steps. HAHAHA

Quietly, without the security officer noticing me, I took a snap of the culprit !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fish spa at Tesco

20 Dec 2008

There is a Malay saying: Hendak seribu daya, Tak Nak seribu dalih.

This person rented a bay in Tesco, place an inflatable pool and place fishes in it. He calls it Fish Spa.

RM 10 for 20 minutes...interestingly there are people who wants to try...

Mother-in-law's tongue plant

Hurray !

I finally got the plant I want ie MIL-t plant. Apparently it has many colours but this one is one of my favourite.

A new addition to my mini garden !

Elizabeth Retirement's Cake

19 Dec 2008

It is Elizabeth's last day of work, she retired from Call Centre department.

For me, Liz is known for her chirpy and endless perfume-party invitations.

A cake is made for Liz and we wished her abundance of joy and relaxation during her "off day".

If I were presented by the cake below, I would not want to eat it at all !

It is so lovely - a masterpiece !!

Croc Shoe and accessories

18 Dec 08

Seriously ! I did not know that croc shoe has accessories...where the heck can that be ??

True enough, a friend of mine came from Lot10, happily showed me her croc shoe's accessories, which I calls it "button". It is so cute !!!

It is easy to fix and Im sure there are plenty of characters to be chosen from.

Eversince I knew about this "button"...at everytime someone wears croc shoes...I would scrutinise the shoes to check-out the cute stuff fixed to it.
Today at Tesco, I saw a guy with "aligator" button....so cute !!

Reflexology massage on CFC day

12 Dec 2008

Our booth organise a reflexology massage during Chances with Children day. I was one of the committee member and thought that I would not have the time to try it.

However, during the kids' game (which was supervised by other committee), I decided to squeeze 20 min and try it.

The massager are blind ladies. However, the lady who massage my feet does not look like one. Anyway, I already pre-warn her to be EXTRA GENTLE when massaging my feet.

She uses plastic gloves and apply lotion to smoothen the skin. It started with a ticklish feeling and later develope into warm sensation ....

To educate myself, I start asking questions. As she massages my feet, she told me that I have headache, difficulty in sleeping and did not drink enough plain water. Ayo! She knows my secret!

Apparently, the proper massage takes about 45 minutes. This allows the masseur to detect the weak points from our feet.

Thank god it is only 20 minute massages! I thanked her for great foot job done !

Watermelon in Bahasa

A brief note...

My son (NH) loves to speak English and I love to ask/tease him in English as well.

One day, we were going through old exercise books completed by my kids. I decided to test their Bahasa vocabulary. Q&A as follow:

DD: what is Elephant in Bahasa?
NH: Gajah !
DD: Pineapple, Banana, Watermelon in Bahasa ?
NH: hmm...Nenas, Pisang and WatermeLAN !
NY: no no no...water is English...
NH: oh ya....then it should be AIRmelon !

We were hillarious of NH statement....he is pure innocent on this mater...
Later we corrected him that Watermelon is Tembikai in Bahasa.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

EB Bazaar Pre-Sales

We organise an EB Bazaar Pre-sale yesterday.

It is for charity work and there we loads of items (nice, cute, colourful) to be sold off.

Look at the toys collection - are not they ADORABLE !!!