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Monday, July 28, 2008

My Mini Garden

Im not a good gardener, I seems to lost my "green fingers" lately.

Oh well, I still have my mini garden to stare, shower or trimming as an when I wish.

Do you have a garden to ponder with ?

Vienna Bagel

Have you eaten bagel before ?

I have not eaten bagel for so long, that I thought my teeth is giving way. Bagel is so tough to bite !

Anyway, new kid in town at Berjaya Times Square, selling many varieties of bagel for your pleasure. Nice packaging to lure customers!

Starbuck Coffee Treat

During the 2-day team building outing, we had to complete a game called High Rope. Basically ropes are tied between 6-8 trees. The most scary part is getting across 2 trees with 3 vertical ropes to cling on.

I learned that you need to be calm, listen to instruction and you get pass the task easily. Somehow, when you are too scared, everything went wrong.
A girl friend of ours are too scared to budge from the High Rope that we promised her that if she complete the task we will treat her Starbuck drink (her ALL time FAVOURITE). Amazingly, she got the courage to move and complete the task..

One thing good was that, before completing the task, she counter offer for the BOSSes to treat ALL of us Starbuck coffee.

So there we are, 40 of us, swarming Starbuck Coffee at the Weld on nice Friday evening. We chatted for half an hour before making our way home for the weekend.

Life - Good, Better, Best

My friend really knows how to find a catchy T-shirt !

He was on IT training in Bangkok for a week (lucky you!) and decided to buy souveniors for his collegues. They decided to put on the shirt on Friday and stir some jokes around.

The shirt is a true reflection of my friend (for now) and he is chirpy about it.

Look at the shirt and SMILES...

Jusco Cash Voucher - I spend

Yes ! I finally spend all my RM 60 Jusco cash voucher on myself !
It felt so rewarding and the timing is just Great ! Why ?

Im on leave today to service my car and it took less than 2 hours to service my car. Great!
I decided to visit the nearby Jusco Maluri. Good thing is Mega Sales is still on !
and Im in the mood of shopping. Yeah!

There was no crowd on Monday morning and I do not need to queue for the fitting room nor the counter.

I got 4 items of great colours, design and discounts!

p/s: pic later

Happy Muffin Day

Yup, my birthday falls in July and Im baking muffins !

With Multitrio, mixing is so easy ! I get so excited that I went baking at night! By mid night, all muffins are baked and tuck away.

My kids get to bring muffins to school and share with other kids.

Do not you feel GREAT to share muffin with other kids....

Moulinex Multitrio - wonder machine

I bought a wonder machine - Moulinex Mutlitrio !

I actually wanted to buy a mini blender as my Philips blender is more suitable for heavy blending. I could not really find a mini blender when later the sales lady showed me the Multitrio.

It served as blender, egg mixer and I can use it as dough mixer of small quantity! I baked muffin and the Multitrio did a great job !

So, if you are thinking of buying a blender, Multitrio is a great subsitute !

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Recovery seminar at Capital Hotel

On 10-11 July 08, we attended a public seminar on Enterprenuer Management and Recovery at Capital Hotel, next to Plaza Low Yatt.

The seminar touched on taking ownership and being persistent in achieving your targets. Companies attended were from semi-government, web hosting, port, event management, insurance, medical centre and banks.

We had a good blend of industry and shared many practises by different industries. The session includes role play, case study and best practise methods.

What I learn was YES customer is always right but we have the right to collect what is due. And being focused, recovery is achievable.

p/s: pic later

Klana Resort Team Building

Last weekend was a wet weekend for me.

We had a team building session organised by Human Capital at Klana Resort in Seremban. A very nice hotel with plenty outdoor games to start with.

It rained for 2 days and we still go ahead with all outdoor activities. I had fun playing with MUD! and RAIN!. Games played were Flying Fox, Abselling, Repelling, High Ropes, Combat Crawl, Memory, Electric Cable and Laser.

At night, we cool down with simple dinner and music. Later party went wild till 11 pm. Since it is still wet outside, we continued with pjayama party till midnight !

You should participate in the team building, it is something to experience in your lifetime !

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stress Ball

Month of July has been a hectic month for us (the company). It is the month of planning targets for 2009.

I had a pinch of the stress as Im helping the boss to prepare the slides and it turn out that I had to present the slides. Apart from that, work is still work.

Quincidentally, a colleque of mine gave me a stress ball + calendar.

So sweet !

Now, when Im a bit stress, the ball is my next best friend.

Al-Rawsha Restaurant

We had a fine dinner at Al-Rawsha Restaurant.

It is an Iran restaurant at Jalan Damai of Jalan Ampang. A quiet street with many bungalow houses. Most of the houses have been converted into restaurants, spa and small companies.

Instead of going for buffet in the same hotel, we thought a change of atmosphere would be nice. We reached at 8 pm, no crowd and easy to find parking space. We had a looked at the menu and went blank for a moment.

The dishes name are totally new and we do not know what to expect. Maybe they need to put up more dishes photos to increase our appetite.

Anyway, we ordered rice with lamb and chicken, some salad, humus plus drinks. The lamb is so tender that we had to order extra! (It taste so much better than Tarbush restaurant).

Later, we tried Barbican, a malt drink. It taste like zapple with lemon flavour. By 10.30 pm, we made our way home. We had a great night and it felt like having a buffet !

My Pearl White

My Pearl White is finally here to stay.

We bought a Sedan car, Camry 2.0G. It is Pearl white colour with fitted aero-kit. The 3 months waiting is finally over. It was kind for the salesman to actually lend us Toyota Wish while we wait for our car to arrive.

The car has such a grand apprearance and the driving experience is totally awesome. Those who wanted a sedan car with latest gadget, reasonable price and good service - Toyota would be the choice !

Happy Donut day

10 July is my hubby birthday and we plan to buy choc cakes with the kids.

On my way back home, I saw Big Apple Donut at Low Yatt and had a change of mind, hehehe. Since the family love donut, we agreed to celebrate birthday with donut!

I bought 12 lovely donuts!

We actually finish them all during supper !

Monday, July 7, 2008

Rengit Coffee

Of late, we get to see more of local franchise cafes. I believe it is good for the economy and education.

Why ? Now, not only I get to taste some local coffee but learned that we actually plant the coffee tree locally!

Some of coffee beans that I learned : Kopi 333, Kopi 434, Kopi Batu Pahat, Kopi Rengit, Kopi Ipoh, Kopi Kluang etc etc

We came across Rengit Coffee but I did not stop by to taste (my taste bud is still bitter). But I was attracted by the table/chair presentation.

Later, when my taste bud functions properly...I will let you know how each coffee taste differently.

Oral-B (not) Toothbrush

We were hurry-burry to go hometown for the weekend. And we forgot our tooth brush!

A quick stop at one of the sundry shop and my kid-sister grab 2 Oral-B toothbrush for us. Upon reaching our destination, we had a late dinner and watch some late movie on the TV.

When I prepared myself for bed, it felt different when I brush my teeth. The brush bristle felt like a broom ! Anyway, I was too sleepy to complaint.

Next day, my hubby could not resist the broom feeling when brushing his teeth. The truth reveals - it was not Oral-B toothbrush but Oial-B toothbrush. What a fake!

See to believe...

PLUS Practical Tap

We went outstation last weekend. On our way back to KL, we stop-over Ayer Keroh for Maghrib prayer. We decided to eat KFC (again!) not at the restaurant but at the rest area.

It was a cool night and it feels like picnic under the sun (the neon light!). It was fun. We ate with our fingers and KFC is finger licking good!

For a moment, we could not find a water tap to wash our hand.... until my kid bro pointed us to a big vase! We had a good laugh because it was so practical for PLUS (the highway consession company name) to place the tap there.

All of us took our sweet time to cleanse our hands before we make way home.