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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ING Go Green 2009

6 April 2009

ING Go Green organised a learning trip for kids age 7 to 12 years old.

Yasmine had the opportunity to join the trip and experience socialising with other kids independently.

Each kids were given an Orange T-shirt. They had a bus trip to Lake Garden and had science experiement there. Yasmine did a "rocket" experiment. She had great time!

Later the kids were given food and drinks during lunch. Goody bag were given at end of day.

Smart Reader Kg Pandan Sport Day 2009

8 August 2009

Haleef has 2 games to finish for his sports day events. He did well in the "puzzle" game and "sweep clean" game. The weather is really hot, but the teachers make sure the kids do not stay under the sun too often.

Parent are also invited to participate in sports event. Their game is "musical chair". It is hillarious to see mommys fight a seat of a small chair!

The fathers did tug-a-war game. Somehow, size does not matter in this game, hehehe.

The sport day finishes at 11 noon as per the planned. We rushed home to cool down and have lunch at 12 pm.

Mini Fist

16 September 2009

Tiny fist against Mommy palm.

New Pop-pop fire cracker

21 September 2009

If you refer to my old posting "pop-pop fire cracker", you will notice that it looks like a garlic shape. Now, the new design is cylindrical and easy to "pop".

Last year, 4 boxes for RM 2.

This year 3 boxes for RM 2 -- what an inflation !!

Confinement Set

14 Sep 2009

This year is the first time Im having confinement in KL. Normally, I will go hometown in Batu Pahat, Johor, but since I have schooling kids, different arrangement is made.

Im lucky because my housing area has almost all facilities, including tukang urut or massuer.

We called Kak Tina (tukang Urut) and she is available to massage me for 3 days.

I have low pain treshold and very picky with "tukang urut". Luckily, kak Tina is gentle and all the bodyache gone by third massage. She also shares her tips on how to heal onself. My swollen feet cleared by 5th day!

Kak Tina uses Mustika Ratu confinement set to massage my body. Mind you the herbs smells! So put on your worn clothes in case the smell does not goes off after several wash.

Lastly, Kak Tina will put on the body wrap around the stomach area. This will help to keep the body fit, tummy in, slim and pelvic bone in-tact. The wrapper is available at local store.
I cannot wait for Kak Tina subsequent visit (this is optional, the basic is the first 3 days). You feel good the next day after the massage.

9 September 2009 Angel

A miracle is born on 9/9/09 at Sunway Medical Centre.

We named her Noera Deena.

She weighs 3.32kg (the heaviest among her siblings).

It was an easy early pregnancy with no morning sickness (that is why I myself did not notice I was pregnant then...). However, at 8 months, I began having gases, urine infection and false contraction. The feets start to swell badly and leg cramps develop at alternate nights.

Delivering the baby was quite easy. I was on induction (on drips) and it took me 2 hours to deliver the baby. It takes 3 pushes and all is done.

However, we are kept waited in the labour room for 3 hours because there was no room available. During the same day, there was 7 C-section in the morning. In total, there are 18 babies were born.

I was discharged on second day after get clearance from both my Gynae and Paed. Total bill was RM 3K+ for a single bed. The hospital service has improved so much over 5 years and all staffs are very helpful.

For now, Im nursing my baby with both breast milk and formula milk. Hope to continue the same when I start working.

I will be visiting my doc on the 6th weeks and hopefully all is fine.

Look at Deena, is not she an angel?

My HP dv1000

23 September 2009

It took us 5 months to send my laptop to HP service centre for repair. What went wrong? The LCD is not displaying anything and we assume it is broken. An estimated cost of RM800 is required.

Since Raya break is a week, my HB decided to make a quick visit at HP centre. To our shock, it just takes a few massage and my laptop is working fine! Not a penny to be spent!

So, here I am, online again with my blog. Hoping to share good moments and tips with all of you.