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Monday, October 6, 2008

Raya-3 in Batu Pahat, Johor

We reached BP at 12 midnight. We could have reach earlier but accidentally took a longer route. Hehe, an excuse to test Camry performance.

My cousins - Euzid an Hanafiah waited for us. We chatted for awhile over hot cup of nescafe and couple of kuaci :)

Next morning, we started visiting our relatives for Raya-3. First we visit my kid-sister's FIL house which is in Tongkang Pecah. We came in two white sedan - Honda Accord and Camry. My aunty Yang is also in BP to celebrate Raya with us.

Next, we visit the eldest siblings of my dad. Apparently this year, most of the uncles / aunties are not well, guess age is catching up fast. Most of my uncles have passed away. So after visiting relatives, dad wishes to visit close friends.

We went to Seri Medan to visit Penghulu house. Penghulu is a leader for a village. Quincidentally En Salikin and Datuk Noraini is there as well. What a great opportunity to chat with Vice Minister of HR and snap a photo with her.

It was a great visiting day !!

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