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Friday, January 22, 2010

Creativity @ Jusco Setiawangsa

17 Jan 2010
My kids love to sand paint. After lunch at Kenny Rogers, we treated them sand paint.

Below is their latest creativity !

Henna from Saudi Arabia

17 Jan 2010

Haj season is over and Henna is often given as a souvenirs to relatives and friends.

Henna is a colouring made from Henna leaves. Traditionally, you pluck some Henna leaves, pound it and add vinegar/oil. Place the pounded mould on your hair or fingers, leave it overnight for long lasting effect.

This Henna is handy, it comes in tube form, like a tooth paste, just black-red colour. You squeeze small amount on your fingernails, let it dry 30 minutes to one hour. Wash it off - simple!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Smile, you are in Candid Camera

29 Dec 2009

The brady bunch ready to go for buffet !!

Super Mugs

29 Dec 2009

It is not customary for us to buy gifts for Christmas, but there are many cute items for sale during Christmas.

While we gazed through items for sale, we found cute big mugs. We bought the followings:

1. Superman and Superwoman mugs
- this is for Zied's birthday present
- I know Zied's seldom have hot drink, may if she needs one, there is a mug ready for her!

2. Grandma and Granddad
- we thought it would be nice to buy a pair of mugs for our parents
- both sides got a pair

3. Mum's hot and Cool dad
- obviously we bought one for ourselves !
- I am sooo full when I drink using this mug (so can you image hot deep is the mug)

Maybe, next time I will find smaller mugs for my 3 kids... hehehe

Buffet at Crowne Plaza

29 Dec 2009

We always have dinner buffet at Crowne Plaza. It is value for money buffet compare to other places. Since it is still Christmas season, restaurant offers Turkey roast for buffet. Both my dad and mom jumped for the thigh - it is huge!

This is Nurd's first time and he was amazed with the seafood selections. He bravely tried oyster !

Most of us had fun eating ABC and ice cream !

One thing for sure, we ate and ate till the restaurant closes - HAHA!

Deena 4 month old

16 Jan 2010

We decided to trim Deena's baby hair. Deena was calm when we trimmed her hair; but it was not easy to trim her hair as it was so fine and soft.

Slow and steady, we managed to trim her hair and quickly give her a bath. Deena loves to have a bath.

Look at the new Deena !

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunway Lagoon on boxing day

26 Dec 2009

It was a great timing - there was not much crowd and the weather is kind. We get to buy tickets at a discount if we produce our mykad. And we were given a cool water resistant wrist "watch" instead the norm wrist band.

Upon entry, no food or drink is allowed, if you have water bottle, you have to empty them first. There are water cooler at the park for you to replenish your water bottle.

We first tried the merry-go-round ride. It was my first (as an adult, never ride one when Im small) and first for the kids. Kids love it, I felt dizzy a bit.

Then Zied (my sister) tried the boat-swing that swung 360 degree! Zied's face was first flush red, then pink pale but she turn out fine after the ride.

After the dry park, we rushed to wet park to enjoy the swim. The best part is when we rented a double-float and all 5 adults, 2 kids have a ride in the moving-stream. It was fun fun fun wet wet wet !!!

Suddenly, lightning strike and all visitors are rushed to safety. It was fun fun fun.

Next time (if there is one), we plan to go sky glyding and more dry park rides !

Nando's Chicken

25 Dec 2009
We decided to go to Alamanda for Christmas ?!

haha, my dad thought he could eat turkey on Christmas day, so after window shopping, we decided to have early lunch at 11.30 am!

We were the first customer for the day and we ordered what sounds nice (we did not know what to order) and the food arrived by 12 pm. Apparently their supplier is late (no raindeer?).

We ordered peri-peri chicken which was the least hot so that kids can enjoy eating with us. Apparently our chicken were tagged as "not so brave" chicken !

Both my mom and dad love their christmas lunch! We all did!

Grow Mushroom

25 Dec 2009
It has been a year since we used old logs as pot stand for my garden. Recently, it has been raining and tiny buds of mushroom emerge from the logs.

Two different type of mushroom grow quietly and luckily it does not emit any bad smell or attract insects.

Patrick and Mr Crab

18 Dec 2009

Yasmine loves to watch Sponge bob square pants. Sometimes she can watch the same story over and over again. I guess the image of cartoon characters are all in her head.

And quietly in her room, she can draw Patrick and Mr Crab free hand with no help!

Yasmine, you are a creative girl!

Summer Christmas tree

15 Dec 2009

My boss bought lime plant (I think) which looks like mini pine tree. It was supposedly bushy green and healthy. Somehow, it dried dead in the office, but the bark is still strong standing.

My boss still keeps the plant for I was eyeing on the nice white vase - even offered to clear the plant for him! Anyway, the plant is still standing strong in his office.

As Christmas season is approaching, some sweet samaritans decorated the plant which is now looks cute and alive!

Paper dolls

4 Dec 2009

Yasmine is very creative when it comes to paper cuttings.

One morning, she took A4 paper, sat at the end of the bed and start drawing. Later asked for a scissors. It took her awhile to twist and turn the paper and deny my assistance.

Once ready, she showed me and we pasted on the wall.

Paper doll of mama, papa, yasmine, haleef and deena !

Christmas at Pavillion

3 Dec 2009

It was a cool night and we decided to visit Pavillion's latest decor for Christmas. After dinner, we rushed to the mall and gazed at the many many beautiful Christmas decor and trees.

Kids love the decor and many tourist snapped photos at almost every angle of the mall. The main attraction would be the centre of the mall and in front of the mall.

Outside, "snow tropic" theme spells winter in asia hot climate. They spray bubble at 8 pm to delight the visitors. The kids were amazed by the neon lights and wishing well/fountain.

You have to be there to experience the "snow tropic". It is beautiful.

Pusat Sains Negara

5 Dec 2009

Seriously - this was my upset visit!

We were so excited to visit the Science centre, no doubt they had all the gadget / technlogy / some interactive games but the place is POORly maintained! Dust here and there, carpet is stained, some games are not functioning, no helpers and worst still no sanitizer!

Being kids, they just ran here and there, try this and that, touch here and there and had fun. As a parent, i see red alarm "cleanliness".

This centre is free admission but then again, it is national property, someone should take care the property.

p/s: Petrosains is sooo much better, though you need to pay a small fee, it is worth the visit as it is clean, there are helpers around and gadgets are working well.