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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Open Raya House - Scan Associates

15 Oct 2008

I received an extended invitation to Scan Associates Open Raya house via my husband.

It is held at Restoran Villa Felda. Felda food catering is known for GREAT food. The restoran is set in a bungalow house. It has a good crowd although it was a wet evening.

We were greeted with colourful umbrella ... it was still raining hehehe
I managed to get in touch with Pn Hanum (HR) and exchange few words. Later we met Hannah and Syed (both are from Business Development). Soon, KA and Azhar join us as well.

Foods served inside are the common nasi minyak, nasi hujan, lemang, ketupat, lemang, laksa, salad and cakes. The was a huge WOK and the rendang is missing ! only left few pieces :)

We grab few items and be seated outside for a cooling breeze. There was a power shortage for 30 min - a romantic setting in wet night ? hehehe

When the lights are on, we took some satay and grilled mutton. It was a splendid food - freshly grilled and hot to eat.

There is also live performance by local traditional musician. Raya songs were played by the musicians.

By 9.30, we excuse ourselve and thanked the host for a fine dinner.

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