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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lemang at Zoo Negara

Lemang is not always eaten on normal days. It is eaten specially for festival like Raya or Idul Adha. Our favourite to buy lemang is at Zoo Negara.

You will see plenty of stalls selling lemang. These are seasonal stalls. The stall that we frequented in the one nex to the fruit stalls.

This year, En Ajai's business is bigger. He has few people helping to cook the lemang.

What is lemang ? It is glutanese (spelling ?) rice cook with coconut milk in bamboo over hot wood fire. I once tried cook lemang with my uncle and it was fun, scorching hot ! Once is enough, hehe.

So we bought the smallest diameter lemang for RM 8 each. There other sizes selling at RM 10, RM 12 and RM 14. We also bought a pack of Rendang Tok, which was delicious !

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