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Sunday, September 21, 2008

A day in Pos Malaysia

My kids' first trip to Pos Malaysia !

We have 4 raya cards to send by normal mail. 3 local and 1 overseas' destination.

We queue at Tesco Pos Malaysia on Sunday morning.

Local card uses 30 sen stamp while overseas uses RM1.50 stamp.

Eagerly, the kids dip the stamp in wet sponge before sticking it on the cards.

Then slip the cards in the outstation box.

The kids were excited about sending letters into the mailbox.

Maybe next time I buy more greeting cards and send it by normal mail....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jelly Cake - Aeroplane

Happy Birthday Zaki !

Zaki has a special birthday cake - Aeroplane Jelly cake. The cake is specially ordered at Jelly Cake house in Ikea. It is nice for a change we get to taste jelly cake.

After blow off the candle, we do not know how to cut the airplane !! After much contemplating, we cut the tail first. It has many colourful jelly layers and taste cooling nice !

Since it is fasting month, I asked for a cut at the tail to bring home.

The kids LOVE it !

The Weld - Raya Bazaar

Almost everyday I go to Weld during lunch time. It would be for lunch or just window shopping. Since it is fasting month, we would go to Weld to kill the time and relax our mind.

This month, Raya bazaar is about preparation for Raya festival. You get to find nice stuff for the room, dinning room and kitchen.
The bazaar has live entertainment by local traditional instrument performing group.

It is really soooo relaxing ....

Rain oh Rain

It has been raining lately and it gave my girl an inspiration to draw !

It is so CUTE !

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Batu Pahat Mall - Kids Fashion Show

This is a new mall in town.

A big mall that fits all. The only mall that has Vincci outlet ! It is a shoe shop, hehe.

We normally go for window shopping and the mall always organise activities for public to participate.

The recent was a fashion show for kids. Fashion using recycle materials eg newspapers, instant noodle wrapper, cassette tape strings, tissue boxes, mini dics, plastics bags, straws,

It was fun to see cute kids dress in re-cycle material like bridal gown, sammi dress, beach wear, robotic custome, etc.

We did not manage to stay till end of the competition. Wonder who wins.....

Biskut Sarang Semut

This is my first attempt to make this biscuit.

I felt that the dough was a bit too soft. Anyway we proceed with dough grating and spoon the fine pieces in the paper cups. Decorate with colourful rice. It taste nice.
FYI - biskut sarang semut means ants' nest.

Kuih-Muih Berbuka Puasa

My office is food heaven.

During lunch time, non fasting month, first you get to see many stalls selling lunch packs, mix rice, home cook dishes. Later you will notice there are stalls selling fruits, bakery stuff (cakes, cookies, breads), frozen stuff (frozen roti canai, donut, curry puffs) and accessories (scarfs, bracelets, handbags etc)

During fasting month, there is some variation. Most stalls sells dry stuff. Not many sell home cook food. New stalls selling cakes.

The cakes or kuih muih traditional are fresh and comes in many shapes and colours.
The price has incease to 5 pieces for RM2. Back in Batu Pahat, 8 pieces for RM 2. See the price difference !

So be wise when buying them, do not follow your greedy appetite.

Cornflake biscuit - version 2

This is not as easy as the first version of cornflake biscuits.

But it was so easy to bake and taste great !

Raya decorative lights

I have always excited about having decorative light for raya.

We did not have the "lampu kelip-kelip" for the house for the last 2 raya. Why - not sure. It could be either we were excited about the interior of the house or totally forgot about it.

We bought the lights at Jaya Jusco. There were so many version of lights, many designs, colours and price. We went for the smallest bulb (ie rice bulb) and cheapest.

Immediately after break fast, we install the light and the house is lited gracefully !
I believe I will dream rainbows tonight.

Facebook - networking

I was introduced to facebook only last month.

I thought it is another Yahoo Messanger concept. But it is actually an extension of it.
It has chat, messages, notification and search engines.

I could not believe that facebook gets me connected to old friends since primary school !
It was like going back time.

For those who are using facebook and found me, you are really awesome !
For those who are new to facebook, you will see get in touch with long lost friends.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Masjid Batu Pahat - A visit to remember

I brought my mom to Masjid Batu Pahat for Terawikh prayer.

This is her first time (and mine!) of so many years.
She had mix feelings about it.

Normally, she does the prayer at home, during late nights.
My dad had tears in his eyes when my mom came from Masjid.
Maybe he felf happy for her.

My dad is a sensitive person.
He was so happy that we visited him during Ramadhan month.
Kids play and quarrel with my dad, which is fine occasionally.

During our short stay, we change the curtains and spring clean the house.
Simple and nice for the Raya to come.
We gave her the home made cookies.
Hope it will last till Ramadhan ends.

Dear readers,
Ramadhan month is a blessing month.
Worship well and you will be guided by Allah.