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Monday, December 7, 2009

Cool Mum Super Dad book

3 December 2009

I bought this book at GEMC bookstore during my therapy session. I do recall the writer had a television interview and only now I buy the book.

This is a good read for everybody! Be it a daughter, wife or mother -- it changes your perspective of life.

Male, son, father -- you should read too !

Christmas Tree at GEMC

24 November 2009

During therapy session, I brought Yasmine along as a company.

While there, we took a picture of Christmas tree decorated with fine lights and gifts . This does gives light and bring a smile to people that visit the hospital.

Physiotherapy - backache

24 November 2009

I managed to work 2 weeks after my maternity leave when suddenly my back hurts so much! I could barely straighten my back, it was crazy painful!

We went to GP and got a referral to see Doc Zul, an orthopedic specialist at GEMC. He does not seem shock to learn my injury but apparently it is common among nursing mothers. Ghee....my body is still weak and most probably I did not maintain a good posture that had cause such injury.

I was given 2 painkillers, Acustop plaster and to attend physiotherapy sessions. The therapy sessions was pleasant. I went for Heat treatment, Ultrasound treatment and Hot Pack treatment. About 15 minutes each treatment.

Heat -- to loosen my muscle
Ultrasound -- to heal my injury
Hot pack -- to reduce swellness

After these treatment, I was given an exercise to strenghten my back muscle. So far 5 exercises I learnt.

Stomach crunch - lay on back, knee up, a fist apart, crunch stomach, continue breathing, 10 counts.

Lift leg - lay on chest, pillow on chest and tummy, raise leg, 10 counts

Lift chest - lay on chest, no pillow, arm at side body, raise chest, head down, 10 counts

Lift buttock - lay on back, knee up, a fist apart, raise butt and halt, 10 counts

Arch spine - same position as lift buttock, but now arch your spine (not body)

These are simple, but when your muscles are injury, they are damn hard to dooo....

Smart Reader 2009 Concert

15 November 2009

This year concert is held at Menara Yayasan Tun Razak. The building house a bank, other offices and conference hall. SRK Kg Pandan and SRK Desa Pandan combine effort to make a grand concert.

The show starts on time and every performance went well. Haleef did his Chinese dance effortlessly. This time he is not overshadowed by tall friends.

Food served were simple and easy for the kids to eat. The show ended at noon and we rush home for a good lunch.

Kudos for all that put hardwork to make the concert a success!

Lenovo Ideapad S10-2

6 December 2009

It was PC fair time and we decided to make a quick visit at KL Convention Centre.

There are many people and the human traffic is chaos! There were many sales person shouting high and low to attract customers. They even dress in same colour codes eg Blue=Celcom, Yellow=Digi, Black=Telekom etc etc.

We already know what to get and just need to confirm few minor details. Eventually we bought what we wanted and here is the pic. We choose black colour from variety of colours eg white, silver and special edition skins (eg Mickey mouse, flowers etc etc)

KLCC - 3 views

1 Nov 2009

During our city vacation, managed to snapped 3 photos of KLCC at different time.

Early morning, noon and late night.

Have a look