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Friday, November 28, 2008

Woolworths UK

When I was in Canterbury, UK doing my degree, Woolworths has been one of my favourite shop. It sells good winter clothings and I normally buy kids clothes ! Serious, UK sizes are different that local sizes. I can even buy kids shoes, but the design are not to my likings.
It is sad to hear that Woolworths is closing down due to business and economic crisis.
Oh well, maybe there other new shops that are better and cheaper !

Sarawak Laksa - Laksa Shack

Im on leave today to send my kids for Concert reheasal at Hotel Maluri. It starts at 9 am. I did not want to go home because I may end up taking 4000 winks !!

So, I waited patiently for 10am for JJ Maluri to open for business. I have a quick window shopping but there was nothing for kids, my home or myself. It was not frustrating though because I do not have the shooping "mood" and JJ sales only starting tomorrow.

By 11am, I decided to go for branch (I forgot I did not take breakfast =) this morning).

So I ordered Sarawak Laksa.
I love Sarawak laksa for its spicy gravy. Maybe next time I learn to prepare this dish.

The laksa has rice noodle, pieces of chicken, fish cakes and prawns. You must eat while it is hot hot hot. It taste so heavenly.

And to add to their menu, they also prepare Nasi Kunyit for wedding or cultural events - so convenient !

Sweet Potato for breakfast

This is a healthy and easy to prepare breakfast.

You just brush clean the sweet potato and set it to steam. Go and have a good bath!

By the time you are nicely dress-up, you can enjoy your sweet potato on its own.

If you are sweet tooth, you can add cream cheese or butter on it.

I like mine the way it is =)

Curry Noodle - Old White Coffee

My kid-brother is good at food tasting.

If I cook and he said it is good, I did a great job, otherwise I have to improvise the taste.

Being single, my kid-bro eats out most of the time and there he practices his tongue for GREAT food tasting.

Lately, he recommended me to taste Curry Noodle. I never like Curry noodle because I felt it is too oily and it is just noodle and curry. To my surprise, the Old White Coffee is near my office and we decided to go for lunch during workday.

My oh my, it looks hot (oily too!) and amazingly taste great !

I ordered Old White Tea as well (which is actually Teh Tarik ...)

If you are not so hungry,, you can also order half-boiled eggs with toast for lunch.

My money plant

I love colours to my garden.

And I noticed that there can never be the same green when it comes to gardening.

My money plants gave another GREEN effect to the garden.

There are many types of money plant. This one does not climb up the wall but falls cascading to the ground. Im still grooming the plant. Once it became "bushy" enough, I will place it on the fence for it to show-off its grace.

Why is it called money plant ? I think because it is coin-like looks =)

Choc Chip Cookies - Ultimate Receipe

Yes ! I finally found the ideal receipe !

It was the easiest receipe ever.

So far I had 3 or 4 version of receipe, but this one gave me the perfect texture, look and taste.

Baking was a bliss and I brought a jar of cookies to office to share my joy !

I still have one jar at home for me to enjoy cokkies every night with my cup of hot Nescafe.

Do you like scones ? Maybe try bake one...

WV Beattle - Classic Car

This car is my all time favourite.

It is my mom's car and now under the care of kid-brother. Since my kid-brother is still schooling, this car becomes a weekend car.Final mini touch will be the honk and anti-rust paint work.

I love this car. When I first started working, I drove this car in Ampang ! Sure had lots of attraction - good and scary ones.

This car is solid and easy to maintain. I have driven this car going hometown in Johor. It was breathtaking. An the best part, I drove at 60 miles per hour (not knowing that it was 120 km per hour). Now wonder some lorry driver honk at me !

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sleeping with Young Ones

My kids has their own bed since we moved into our renovated home in 2006. Now my girl is 6 YO and son 4 YO. They love their single bed with their own super-hero cartoon bedsheet.

Normally, before bedtime, I would cite Doa and put them to bed. There are times, Haleef just want more attention and led me tuck in bed with him. At night, I would slowly move into my room.

This week, my HB is outstation and I invited the kids to sleep with me on the Queen bed. They were so excited (as though we are going for some trip!) that they brought along their pillows and blankets. My bed is now overcrowded by mountain of pillows.

Before we sleep, the bed evolved overtime quickly. At first it is WAR zone, so they build "tent" and start throwing pencils (I assume those are weapons - arrows maybe?). After some stern voice from me... they stopped and tidy the bed.

Then, come giggling sounds. Now they are under the blankets, walking like zombie and knock against each other! If the knock is too hard, I can hear Haleef crying for help.

So, I decided to sit in the room and watch them. They stood together and watched me as well. All are trying not to laugh. A bit of eye winks, some facial expression and out goes our LAUGHTER! I never laughed so hard that tears running down the cheeks.

After the adrenalin rush, we tidy the bed (again) and takes our placing. Each are fighting for a bigger space. So I decided to sleep in the middle, be the big bolster.

At 4 in the morning, both kids' legs are over me ! Easing myself, I push them aside to give me some space. By morning, I noticed Haleef is already upside down and Yasmine hugging me like bolster.. hehehe

Oh well, once a while, I get to sleep with the kids. It is an experience to cherish and remember.

p/s: let me get some photo (if any)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Roger Federer

I played tennis for fun and I do not know how to count points... :)

So hit the ball and catch it ...SIMPLE..

And tennis sport has many good players ...good looking players as well hehehe..

Some like Maria Sharapova, Jenin, Venus ...others like Federer, Nadal...

I like Federer because he is good looking, humble and has a nice shy smile :)

Wish I could exchange few words with him to see weather he is an interesting person in life.

Anyway, Federer made a visit to KL for a Showdown game. It was fun watching him beat Blake.

Managed to snap few photos of him on TV... enjoy !

Medicine dispensing plastic bag

My HB has a sore eye and rushed to his in-house clinic. This is his first visit and it went well. 2 days later, I noticed the eye looks better.

My in-house clinic medicine dispensing plastic bag is plain white colour. With small boxes to indicate how many times to take medicine in a day. Normally it is after meal.

My HB in-house clinic medicine dispensing plastic bag has CREATIVE design. I just could not believe my eye. It made me SMILE wide. It has picture of "sun", "moon", "mountains".

See is believing...

Cheese carrot cake - I like

I love carrot cake.

There are few attempts of baking it but Im still not satisfied with my baking. Maybe next time I try steaming it hehehe

In the meantime, I would just buy a cake at nearby stall at office. One thing I like about this stall is that, the cake has the right size, enough for me to finish it all ...HAHAHA

Off course, I will cut into small pieces and share with my family. But most of the time, I will have the extra slices hehehe.

Look at the cake, it is nicely decorated and cost me RM 15 only.


I like being candor especially with family and close friends.

This is Aishah. A very bubbly person. When we first met, she was seated alone at her cubicle far far away from her collegue. So it would be most appropriate for us to be friend her.

She has an amazing smile and laugh. Being young, she is pure innocent in her action and words. It reminds so much of myself when Im young. Free and happy as a lark !

Bonus point for Aishah is that she fits in well with us. There are time we tested her by penalising her for simple things, but she knew it just a test that she reacted well.

Aishah has many friends. All are bubbly and chirpy !

When the office is too quiet, we knew that Aishah is out/not at her cubicle :)

With Aishah, things can get crazy easily. Camera phone is a must to capture those candor moments ! I do feel energise when Aishah is around. If she is not, I will try energise those around me to be as candor as possible.

You must appreciate life, as time is too precious to be wasted.

Be candor, give love and smile always. It is beautiful !

Trimming Not-My Garden

2 Nov 2008

Does the title sounds funny ? Literally that is what I actually did !

I like gardening and wanted to trim some of MY plants. It has been raining few days so I kept postphone until one fine day. I already bought new plant cutter, it is very sharp, so trimming should be a breeze !

To my dissapointment, when the fine day has arrived, I noticed that my mom has trimmed the garden ! Sigh .... this ichy hand still wants to trim plants...

So I was looking up and down my mini garden for some snipping. There was none. When I stood up, looking over my fence, I saw PLANTS to be trimmed ! hehehe ... it was my neighbours' unattended plants.

There were Pudding plant, Bouganvilla plant, some kind of Rattan plant and Bunga Siantan plant. So we allow ourselves to trim the plants. Starting with the Bouganvilla !

Wow, so many thorns, I had few cuts here and there but trimming has never been fun ! But being to enthusiatic, we over trim the plants... OPS !!

From bushy, wild plants to bushless plants ...HAHAHAHA

Hey, look at the bright side, we cleared the place, it looks brighter :)

Till today, as I look over my fence, I kept smilling at the plants (trying hard to grow few new leaves and buds). My neighbour ? I think they could not have been happier ... no complaints so far :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Panasonic Fridge

There was a saying, if you have fridge/car or anything in possesion for 10 years and it is working fine, DO NOT talk about getting a new one. Yours will suddenly broke down or throw tantrum ! This is true.

My sister moved into new house with new furniture and household good. We were impressed with the new BIG Sharp fridge. It is higher than me :). Back home, we were comparing our old LG fridge which is shorter, smaller but is working fine.

Few days later, the fridge starting to defrost. My parents were at home and there are plenty of grocery/vegetables that went rot. It was smelly and we resorted to storing the grocery in Fish box. However, with the hot weather, nothing cools.

Quincident enough, Carefour/Jusco is having fridge sale. After 2 days of scouting and comparing prices, we bought a new Panasonic fridge.

Hehe Now we have NEW, BIG fridge and it is TALLER than me :) Panasonic fridge stores frozen food at the bottom. Apparently 70% of time, we use non-frozen area and that is why it is placed on the top instead (to aviod back ache, it says). I like the fact that frozen food has its own bucket and this avoids blood (fish/meat) stains.

So far so good, just that I need to fill up my 600L fridge ! It looks so empty now hehehe

Yellow Flower

Oh yes ! It is blooming.

This is a beautiful flower, and difficult to find. Lucky me, they grow wild in my mom's garden.So my mom took some and planted in a pot. Amazingly, it is easy to grow and by one week's time, it is starting to bloom.

And look at my banana tree, its heart is growing bigger daily. Wonder what happen next, obviously it will not bear fruit as it is a lanscape tree and not fruit tree .

Car Scratch - Ouch !

Oh well, they say, you can never escape from scratching a car !

That what happen on 13/11/08.

Every morning, I will use my normal route to send kids to kindergarten. There are always vehicle park at the corner of the road and I would drive carefully through it.

That morning, somehow I scratch my car against a BIG lorry. Sigh, what a sight ! I tried making a fight (which Im not good at) with the lorry driver and later decided to just drive away and send my kids off to school.

The whole day, I felt miserable. It is a new car, 5 months old ...sob sob. My HB was composed when he heard the news (cool eh).
That Saturday we went to Toyota service centre to estimate knock and paint job. An estimation of RM 600 would make the car look new. Apparently Toyota has "paint job" services and "sporty accessories upgrade" service. How convenient !
My next task is to figure out, how to go to work when my car is in the workshop for 3 solid days.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Noodle Station

Lately, I have been craving to eat out..

So we did and had lunch at Noodle Station in Alamanda Putrajaya.
It was a 15 min drive, so what a heck.

We were on Level 5 and let the kids enjoy playing in the indoor playground. Parkson was having some sales but I was in no shoping mood (thank god !)

By noon, we decided to try Noodle Station which was just across the playground (how convenient). They had plenty of noodle menus plus some western dishes. The prices are very reasonable, RM 5-7 per bowl and it is quite a big servings.

We ordered noodle soup for kids, HB had curry noodle and I had asam laksa noodle. The noodle had a funny wriggle shape. I FORGOT to take some photos as we were so engross in making sure the kids eat the noodle.

It took us almost 1.5 hours to finish the noodles. This is true if you have kids who does not sit still ! hehehe

To let the food settle down, we went window shop at Parkson and the kids got themselves (for eating and behaving well today) a set of stationery.

Everyone is happy, we went home and welcome a heavy rain till 5 pm. I had a great snooze :)