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Friday, October 17, 2008

Open Raya House - Kak Midah & Abg Halim

11 Oct 2008

We were invited to Kak Midah & Abg Halim house in Shah Alam, section 3...

My gosh, their house is so BEAUTIFUL ...

The car porch can occupy 5 cars and the porch overlooks a garden and fish pond. The kitchen is set at the basement. Underneath the porch is a flexible space/hall that can transform into gym centre, barbeque or what-not indoor activity.

There is a huge swing facing the fish pond... it is the most romantic space (I thought so...)

There were easily 8 couples attending the dinner. Most of them are old/close friends during University days. They still crack jokes and tease each other about old times..

We gather and took group photos. Obviously some of them have overgrown over the years hehehe... but they are still witty and young at heart.

We chatted, jokes until 11.30 at night. It was difficult to excuse ourselves as the stories and jokes shared never ends .. Finally we gave WELL wishes to the host and hope to see them soon in near future.

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