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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Makes Life Easier

I seldom wear white T-shirt as it gets dirty easily.
Once a while, when you wear one, you feel good that you put on a fresh white-T (though the T has been sitting in your closed for months!)

I put on a white-T with wordings wrapped from front to back. It says; Makes Life Easier ....easier is at the back.

My son thought the wordings are cute as it wraps the body and starts reading it loudly.

Mama ....why eraser ?

I giggled and corrected him. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Coconut is court ?

30 December 2008

Learning may not be in classroom and I test my girl on their spelling and comprehension.

Look at the photo... and the dialog goes :

NY: Mama look, have Swimming Pool, Playground, Beach...
DD: Good! what else...
NY: Hmm...Tennis coconut!
DD: Uh ? sure not?
NY: Hmm...Co...Co...coconut!
DD: OK....we play Tennis at court and not coconut...the tennis racket will break *big smiles*

Damai Laut - Post mortem

We like Damai Laut because it is far far away and has a nice pool and clean beach.

However, we noticed (in our opinions) few things that gets tumbs-up and down..

Most Improved area:
1. New paintwork and renovated rooms
2. Signage toward Damai Laut made travelling easier
3. Nice and colourful landscapes
4. Warm towel at poolside

Areas to be improved on:
1. Complimentary newspapers are available at the lobby -- there should have a notice on this matter
2. WiFi usage is chargable -- should make if FOC since we are far from town
3. More buffet menu -- especially for kids
4. Roomservice -- try to be pleasant though it is peak time
5. Gift shop -- sell more souveniers and make better gifts arrangement
6. Please do not serve with chipped coffee cups/cereal bowls