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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raya special invitees

12 Oct 2008

We decided that this year we could not have Open Raya house because of financial constraints. But if friends are to visit us, they are most welcome.

Medan (Tengku Amdan) is a close friend of my husband. He flew from Kuala Terengganu to attend Kak Midah's Open raya house. Since Medan is our house guest, we inviteed Abang Rahim, Katik (Saat Shukri) and Li Chan for lunch. They brought along their Misses.

We serve our guest, nasi himpit, kuah kacang, sayur lodeh, rendang ayam, mee hoon goreng and sambal udang. We serve plain water and Ribena hehehe ... no ice water served.

It was a small lunch session and it was a pleasant conversation among us. I appreciate small crowd, as a host, you get to be engaged with your guest.

By 2pm, Abang Rahim offered to send Medan to airport. The rest of the guests mingle for a while before each make their way home.

Later, we invited my cousin Awan (Ritzzuan Salim) and family over. The kids had fun playing with nephews and nieces. Too bad they had to make move soon as the cloud is very dark.

Asri and Amy (apparently in the neighbourhood) managed to visit us. It was a pleasant guest. As the rain start pouring, they had to make a move too.

It was a bless to have some shower in late afternoon. My kids had fun in the rain with umbrellas. I love rain...

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