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Monday, December 7, 2009

Cool Mum Super Dad book

3 December 2009

I bought this book at GEMC bookstore during my therapy session. I do recall the writer had a television interview and only now I buy the book.

This is a good read for everybody! Be it a daughter, wife or mother -- it changes your perspective of life.

Male, son, father -- you should read too !

Christmas Tree at GEMC

24 November 2009

During therapy session, I brought Yasmine along as a company.

While there, we took a picture of Christmas tree decorated with fine lights and gifts . This does gives light and bring a smile to people that visit the hospital.

Physiotherapy - backache

24 November 2009

I managed to work 2 weeks after my maternity leave when suddenly my back hurts so much! I could barely straighten my back, it was crazy painful!

We went to GP and got a referral to see Doc Zul, an orthopedic specialist at GEMC. He does not seem shock to learn my injury but apparently it is common among nursing mothers. Ghee....my body is still weak and most probably I did not maintain a good posture that had cause such injury.

I was given 2 painkillers, Acustop plaster and to attend physiotherapy sessions. The therapy sessions was pleasant. I went for Heat treatment, Ultrasound treatment and Hot Pack treatment. About 15 minutes each treatment.

Heat -- to loosen my muscle
Ultrasound -- to heal my injury
Hot pack -- to reduce swellness

After these treatment, I was given an exercise to strenghten my back muscle. So far 5 exercises I learnt.

Stomach crunch - lay on back, knee up, a fist apart, crunch stomach, continue breathing, 10 counts.

Lift leg - lay on chest, pillow on chest and tummy, raise leg, 10 counts

Lift chest - lay on chest, no pillow, arm at side body, raise chest, head down, 10 counts

Lift buttock - lay on back, knee up, a fist apart, raise butt and halt, 10 counts

Arch spine - same position as lift buttock, but now arch your spine (not body)

These are simple, but when your muscles are injury, they are damn hard to dooo....

Smart Reader 2009 Concert

15 November 2009

This year concert is held at Menara Yayasan Tun Razak. The building house a bank, other offices and conference hall. SRK Kg Pandan and SRK Desa Pandan combine effort to make a grand concert.

The show starts on time and every performance went well. Haleef did his Chinese dance effortlessly. This time he is not overshadowed by tall friends.

Food served were simple and easy for the kids to eat. The show ended at noon and we rush home for a good lunch.

Kudos for all that put hardwork to make the concert a success!

Lenovo Ideapad S10-2

6 December 2009

It was PC fair time and we decided to make a quick visit at KL Convention Centre.

There are many people and the human traffic is chaos! There were many sales person shouting high and low to attract customers. They even dress in same colour codes eg Blue=Celcom, Yellow=Digi, Black=Telekom etc etc.

We already know what to get and just need to confirm few minor details. Eventually we bought what we wanted and here is the pic. We choose black colour from variety of colours eg white, silver and special edition skins (eg Mickey mouse, flowers etc etc)

KLCC - 3 views

1 Nov 2009

During our city vacation, managed to snapped 3 photos of KLCC at different time.

Early morning, noon and late night.

Have a look

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mandarin Oriental City Vacation

30 Oct 2009
We try to have a family vacation once a year. Since Yasmine has started Year One this year, obviously the vacation must falls on schools break. But all hotels are booked during school break and both my HB and myself have limited time to plan and take leave.

The prime attention of having a vacation is to get away, sleep in the hotel and swim in nice swimming pool. Later we thought of trying city vacation ie doing all the above but in town area. It is a good idea.

So we book 3D2N at Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL, a superb hotel next to KLCC. A convenient location to find food and entertainment.

Our room is facing the city centre ie KLCC. The room is spacious which can cater for extra bed and baby cot. It also has a sofa which is very comfortable. We love the washroom - the setting is to die for and amazingly it does not have a lock.

I love the swimming pool. It is upto 1.2 metre deep, suitable for family vacation. Kids love the pool. We also tried the Jacuzi.

Baby Deena's first smile

27 Oct 2009

Baby Deena always smiles and giggles during her sleep.

But this photo is the first time she is awake and smiles! This is the best photo I chould snap.

Bumble Bee Play Pen

24 Oct 2009

We decided to buy a play pen for baby Deena. We placed it in the middle of the house so that should baby Deena makes some noise, we can hear her clearly. Before this, baby Deena stays in her baby cot in my room. But since my room is in front of the house, we could vividly hear baby Deena's cry.

Quite simple to set it up and it is steady as well.

So far baby Deena is comfortable with her new play pen.

Post Natal checks

22 Oct 2009

After 6 weeks of delivery, I have a doc appointment for post natal check-up.

Basically doc will check if my womb is in place and that my epi is sealed properly.

Afterwhich, I do my pap smear test.

Pap smear needs to be done on annual basis to prevent from cervical cancer. Have you done yours?

Before we leave, I took doc photo with baby Deena. My doc name is Dr Nooraini Kassim.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Deena in Baby stroller

22 Oct 2009

Baby Deena is due for the one month jab!

While waiting for the afternoon doc appointment, we practise placing baby Deena in the baby basket. Thanked god she looks comfortable.

The baby basket will be placed in the car during travelling.

Once we reached the hospital, baby Deena will be transported via baby stroller.

You should see, there are so many baby stroller in the market!

Baby clothes from Officemate

19 Oct 2009

I received a parcel from Suhaila. It turn out to be a cute green baby clothes for baby Deena.

The gift is from Suhaila, Zinda, Noorma and HMN.

Thanks guys!
p/s: guys, next time do remember to remove the price tag, hehehe

Happy Birthday Dad

14 Oct 2009

We celebrated dad's 73 birthday !

Nud bought Vienna brownie from Secret Receipe, it taste so good!

We sang birthday song and dad cuts the cakes.

Dad was happy that he has long life to live.

Kuih Apam

9 Oct 2009

It is almost dinner time and I am craving for some cakes, but it is too late to go out and buy one.

Only then I remembered that I have simple cake receipe.

I only need 3 eggs, flour, baking powder, sugar and vanilla essence. Beat them all and steam for 15 minutes.

I should put some colours but at least it taste right!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pink Baby Clothes

4 October 2009

Both my hubby and me avoid buying PINK baby clothes. It is too girlish.

Maybe it is our nature not too fancy about pink colours.

But, we do expect some parents LOVES pink so much!

Oh well, sometimes, when you try very hard not to buy pink clothes, it turn out you still have one because it is a gift from friends.

So, Deena's has her very own first PINK clothes to remember! hehehe

Milk stain on baby's tongue

2 October 2009

Occasionally, there will be milk stain on baby's tongue.
Few tips to remove it:

1. Occasionally give plain water (in addition to milk)

2. Cleans baby's tongue with Glycerine.

First Baby Bath

23 September 2009

It is Deena's first baby bath!

The grandma decided to demonstrate baby bath at the kitchen! hahaha

Things required: Baby basin, baby bath liquid, handy cloth, towel, a set of clean clothes.

A room temperature water.

First, make sure the baby did not just had her milk, it will vomit if too much movement. (baby's stomach is small). Remove the clothes gentle and clean the baby (if it had urinated or BO).

Next, dampen the baby's body with wet cloth (by doing this, baby will not get a rude shock when you bathe her) and slowly add soap to the cloth. Massage the soap on the baby, gently and quickly. We do not want the baby to shiver.

Lastly, rinse the baby in the basin. A quick front and back wash. The baby will keep quiet if she takes it well (ie likes to play water).

Noera Deena 30 days old

9 October 2009

Today ND is already 30 days old.
She looks plummier and responses well to sound and her name.
She would move her head towards the sounds or make a small sound in reply.
She also throw a smile, a cute smile!

This is Deena's latest photo.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ING Go Green 2009

6 April 2009

ING Go Green organised a learning trip for kids age 7 to 12 years old.

Yasmine had the opportunity to join the trip and experience socialising with other kids independently.

Each kids were given an Orange T-shirt. They had a bus trip to Lake Garden and had science experiement there. Yasmine did a "rocket" experiment. She had great time!

Later the kids were given food and drinks during lunch. Goody bag were given at end of day.

Smart Reader Kg Pandan Sport Day 2009

8 August 2009

Haleef has 2 games to finish for his sports day events. He did well in the "puzzle" game and "sweep clean" game. The weather is really hot, but the teachers make sure the kids do not stay under the sun too often.

Parent are also invited to participate in sports event. Their game is "musical chair". It is hillarious to see mommys fight a seat of a small chair!

The fathers did tug-a-war game. Somehow, size does not matter in this game, hehehe.

The sport day finishes at 11 noon as per the planned. We rushed home to cool down and have lunch at 12 pm.

Mini Fist

16 September 2009

Tiny fist against Mommy palm.

New Pop-pop fire cracker

21 September 2009

If you refer to my old posting "pop-pop fire cracker", you will notice that it looks like a garlic shape. Now, the new design is cylindrical and easy to "pop".

Last year, 4 boxes for RM 2.

This year 3 boxes for RM 2 -- what an inflation !!

Confinement Set

14 Sep 2009

This year is the first time Im having confinement in KL. Normally, I will go hometown in Batu Pahat, Johor, but since I have schooling kids, different arrangement is made.

Im lucky because my housing area has almost all facilities, including tukang urut or massuer.

We called Kak Tina (tukang Urut) and she is available to massage me for 3 days.

I have low pain treshold and very picky with "tukang urut". Luckily, kak Tina is gentle and all the bodyache gone by third massage. She also shares her tips on how to heal onself. My swollen feet cleared by 5th day!

Kak Tina uses Mustika Ratu confinement set to massage my body. Mind you the herbs smells! So put on your worn clothes in case the smell does not goes off after several wash.

Lastly, Kak Tina will put on the body wrap around the stomach area. This will help to keep the body fit, tummy in, slim and pelvic bone in-tact. The wrapper is available at local store.
I cannot wait for Kak Tina subsequent visit (this is optional, the basic is the first 3 days). You feel good the next day after the massage.

9 September 2009 Angel

A miracle is born on 9/9/09 at Sunway Medical Centre.

We named her Noera Deena.

She weighs 3.32kg (the heaviest among her siblings).

It was an easy early pregnancy with no morning sickness (that is why I myself did not notice I was pregnant then...). However, at 8 months, I began having gases, urine infection and false contraction. The feets start to swell badly and leg cramps develop at alternate nights.

Delivering the baby was quite easy. I was on induction (on drips) and it took me 2 hours to deliver the baby. It takes 3 pushes and all is done.

However, we are kept waited in the labour room for 3 hours because there was no room available. During the same day, there was 7 C-section in the morning. In total, there are 18 babies were born.

I was discharged on second day after get clearance from both my Gynae and Paed. Total bill was RM 3K+ for a single bed. The hospital service has improved so much over 5 years and all staffs are very helpful.

For now, Im nursing my baby with both breast milk and formula milk. Hope to continue the same when I start working.

I will be visiting my doc on the 6th weeks and hopefully all is fine.

Look at Deena, is not she an angel?

My HP dv1000

23 September 2009

It took us 5 months to send my laptop to HP service centre for repair. What went wrong? The LCD is not displaying anything and we assume it is broken. An estimated cost of RM800 is required.

Since Raya break is a week, my HB decided to make a quick visit at HP centre. To our shock, it just takes a few massage and my laptop is working fine! Not a penny to be spent!

So, here I am, online again with my blog. Hoping to share good moments and tips with all of you.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Alamanda Trip during Mother's Day

10 May 2009

First week of May is Mother's day week.

It has been very hot weather for the past one week with no drop of rain. We decided to have a quick drive and spend a quick 2 hours in Alamanda to cool down.

We were at Cold Storage supermarket. I took dad for a stroll on his wheelchair while mom whisk around for anything "interesting".

Kids were having fun outside under the bamboo shades, picking dried leaves. Kids sure knows how to have fun despite the hot weather.

The bamboo trees are beautiful and dad wanted a photo by the shades. Do you love the bamboo tree?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2009 Hectic Life

26 April 2009

Life has been very hectic indeed as we enter 2009.
It starts with my eldest daughter admission to Standard One and the whole house to change sleeping routine! Now we sleeps at 10 a night!

The one who stills enjoying or still moonlighting is the younger brother who starts kiddy class at 9 am!

Today I have the whole day ahead of me and there are so many things I want to do. So far, I had changed the curtains, do some paper filings and changed sofa cushion.

Of all the things to do, I just remembered, I have not done my Income Tax online submission. And I have no mood for that.

Oh well, next week is the dateline, see if I can complete it by then.
Till then, take care and hope to drop some more articles in future.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Super bowl at Times Square

9 January 2009

It was our first group outing for the year. Afterwork, we took monorail and went to Time Square for bowling game. Most of us are first timer or had not had bowling game for ages.

We took 3 lanes for 11 players. It was no competition but just to get to know the game, have fun and enjoy the company.

TQ HMN and Faizal for organising the game.

Edwin Chang's Farewell

8 January 2009

It was great to get to know Edwin as a salesperson.

What we shared:

1. Good negotiation on the right price for his potential clients.

2. Great discussion with regards to Christian religion.

3. Understanding the complication of his wife's pregnancy.

His farewell was held at Nando's at Pavillion. During lunch, he gave some tips to become a leader and what a leader should do. A bizzare farewell speech.

Yasmine's First Day of School

5 January 2009

Today is Yasmine's first day of school at SK Taman Maluri.

All of us were excited and anxious for the day. Yasmine is all set, dressed in her new school outfit, pink school bag and new pair of shoes.

Yasmine is in class 1 Rajin. Her class teacher's name is Nini. *giggle*

During public assembly, students are to queue according to their classes. Parents gather at the school gate. There was not enough space to squeeze everyone at the assembly spot.

Students are then ushered to their respective classes.

Yasmine got a good seat, in the middle, under the fan. She was quiet and shy.

Anxious / excited parents peek their kids via class windows and class front door ! Some parents are actually in the class !

We waited at the canteen and let Yasmine digest her new friends, teacher and school.

Yasmine first day of school went well. We are proud of Yasmine as she did not shed any tears !

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Makes Life Easier

I seldom wear white T-shirt as it gets dirty easily.
Once a while, when you wear one, you feel good that you put on a fresh white-T (though the T has been sitting in your closed for months!)

I put on a white-T with wordings wrapped from front to back. It says; Makes Life Easier ....easier is at the back.

My son thought the wordings are cute as it wraps the body and starts reading it loudly.

Mama ....why eraser ?

I giggled and corrected him. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Coconut is court ?

30 December 2008

Learning may not be in classroom and I test my girl on their spelling and comprehension.

Look at the photo... and the dialog goes :

NY: Mama look, have Swimming Pool, Playground, Beach...
DD: Good! what else...
NY: Hmm...Tennis coconut!
DD: Uh ? sure not?
NY: Hmm...Co...Co...coconut!
DD: OK....we play Tennis at court and not coconut...the tennis racket will break *big smiles*

Damai Laut - Post mortem

We like Damai Laut because it is far far away and has a nice pool and clean beach.

However, we noticed (in our opinions) few things that gets tumbs-up and down..

Most Improved area:
1. New paintwork and renovated rooms
2. Signage toward Damai Laut made travelling easier
3. Nice and colourful landscapes
4. Warm towel at poolside

Areas to be improved on:
1. Complimentary newspapers are available at the lobby -- there should have a notice on this matter
2. WiFi usage is chargable -- should make if FOC since we are far from town
3. More buffet menu -- especially for kids
4. Roomservice -- try to be pleasant though it is peak time
5. Gift shop -- sell more souveniers and make better gifts arrangement
6. Please do not serve with chipped coffee cups/cereal bowls