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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raya-2 in Klang

On Raya-2, we start visiting the balance siblings of MIL. Houses are normally new painted, well decorated for visitors.

Some photos of relatives house to ponder .....

By noon, we are done visiting all relatives. And soon, MIL cousins comeby to visit us. MIL serves her speciality - Mee Kari. While enjoying the noodle, they exchange news and gossips.

Soon, it is time for us to pack and travel to Rembau to visit FIL relative. We reach Rembau, Kampung Rendah at 6 pm. This is a Village house with orchard plant in the backyard. We did not manage to pluck any fruit as it is already dark.

We had a light dinner which was Rendang Kerbau ie buffalo ! It is rare to have buffalo served for Raya. It is a tougher meat to chew !

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