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Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Neighbour

My residental area is very close to town centre. It is a hot market for house rental. Having said that, you will get to see new neighbours move in and out occasionally.

Recently we have a new neighbour, a family man with many kids. They are elderly couple and I have not had the chance to interview them! hehehe

By the observation, their kids are all working and they have grandchildren!
I guess, if my family were to get together at one time, the scenario would be the same.

Let me find time for ice-breaking and get to know my neighbour more.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Purple Hot Mama

Purple Hot Mama is my version of Purple Cili Padi. Can you see it among the green ones ? Small but fiery fellow.

My aunt came visited me few months back and brought some baby plants for my garden. She planted the baby cili padi but until today, it is still 3 inches tall....

I have the normal Green and Red Cili Padi but cannot wait to eat my own Purple Hot Mama ...

Cili Padi is also known as Hot Pepper ...I think

King of Fruits

It is Durian season !

The season has been like for 2 weeks already but it did not excite me. What excites me was that my durian supplier is back in town and I bought 12 kg of durians! Well, it is only 4 durians *smiles*

I quickly sms my kid brother to come over to help me crack the durians, he is a durian opener expert! I buy bitter-sweet durian which was splendid! The left over is kept safely in the fridge.

Bewarn, too much of durians can cause soar throat and feverish *serious*

Friday, April 11, 2008

Aliens and PC Fair 2008

Did you go? You should.
Even the Aliens made it to the Guide Book!

It started today and some of my collegue decided to walk to KL Convention Centre during lunch hour. There are many booth participating with attractive packages on offer. Be attentive as many goodies are up for grabs!

The fair is for 3 days, so it would be darn cheap on the last day! Caution, what you saw on day 1 will be gone by the third day, so make a wise buy.

Mind you, the centre is huge, do a quick survey and target a booth for good bargain!

Grilled Terubok with Hot Chocolate

Today we had a healthy dinner ie grilled fish....using mircowave! haha...Fish of the day is "Terubok", fondly known for its many spiky bones and juicy flesh. One needs to be patience when eating the fish. A tip! should you choke, quickly swallow a ball of rice!

It is norm that after eating grilled stuff, you feel sticky on your mouth. So, my other half treated me with HOT Chocolate, which was splendid!

Within 3 minutes, I finished the drink .....darling, can I have a second serving ?!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kitchen Magic Tool

I know I can rely on IKEA kitchen utensils - the can opener.

I have bought several can opener, some are cheap and some are expensive but it fail the test when I wanted to open my can. At supermarket, you cannot test whether the can opener really works, you just buy out of faith.

But IKEA never fails me. And it is cheap!

Hey, IKEA has delicious curry puffs too.....

Disney on Ice - A Blast !

Disney on Ice really made my day.
I can still picture the colourful moving images on ice. You have to be there to experience it. I really love it! It is a story telling of Mickey Mouse and Friends' adventure. Obviously, Mickey will narrate the story. It starts with the adventure of the Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and finally Lilo & Stitch.

They did a great job with story telling, the costumes, the music and chorography! They really can dance, swing, jump and Elvis Presley twist on Ice! And Peter Pan did fly!
So, if Disney on Ice is at your neighbourhood grab the tickets and enjoy...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flamingo Bowl Centre

I volunteered to play bowling with our business partner out of goodwill. I had not touch bowling ball for more than 5 years! And to my shock, it was a competition ! at Flamingo bowl centre in Ampang.

Being simple me, we played the game with fun and boy we sure had fun!

Our partner team was playing to win and how stress they were. You should see how they put so much energy is throwing the ball, twist their legs like pro-players and up-fist when they strike the pins! We clapped with joy when they score and clapped with joy (still) when they spare some pins.

There were 19 teams all together and all we thought it was a 4 team game. Ghee, my friend sure knows how to con me. Anyway, the goodside, my lunch for the next one week is paid for ...hahaha

Satay - delicious grilled meat

If you a meat eater, then 10 sticks of satay is not enough - serious!

So, an average stomach will eat about 10 sticks of satay, this assuming you have other side dishes. Else you need to double up the sticks.

Since we had not had satay for very long long time, we started being greedy by ordering 50 sticks for 3 adults! And plus other dishes. We ended up, having 30 sticks untouch.

Luckily, my kid bro dropped by and brought two other stomach and we are saved! The 30 sticks disappeared in no time.

How many sticks can you finish ... 10 or 15 ?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Monkey Business

Haha - do you like the picture ? April fool !

This picture used to be my PC wallpaper when I first started working in a consulting company. At the time, I was working alone, multi-tasking handling flexi-benefit program of few clients.

It was a great experience working in small international company. It expanded my horizon and to-date I appreciate the culture nutured in me - being a consultant.

Eversince, I always bring myself as a consultant, grasp as much knowledge as possible before I advise my client (be it office collegue, clients or friends).

At the end of the day, you feel ...Great! Job Well Done.