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Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Deena in Baby stroller

22 Oct 2009

Baby Deena is due for the one month jab!

While waiting for the afternoon doc appointment, we practise placing baby Deena in the baby basket. Thanked god she looks comfortable.

The baby basket will be placed in the car during travelling.

Once we reached the hospital, baby Deena will be transported via baby stroller.

You should see, there are so many baby stroller in the market!

Baby clothes from Officemate

19 Oct 2009

I received a parcel from Suhaila. It turn out to be a cute green baby clothes for baby Deena.

The gift is from Suhaila, Zinda, Noorma and HMN.

Thanks guys!
p/s: guys, next time do remember to remove the price tag, hehehe

Happy Birthday Dad

14 Oct 2009

We celebrated dad's 73 birthday !

Nud bought Vienna brownie from Secret Receipe, it taste so good!

We sang birthday song and dad cuts the cakes.

Dad was happy that he has long life to live.

Kuih Apam

9 Oct 2009

It is almost dinner time and I am craving for some cakes, but it is too late to go out and buy one.

Only then I remembered that I have simple cake receipe.

I only need 3 eggs, flour, baking powder, sugar and vanilla essence. Beat them all and steam for 15 minutes.

I should put some colours but at least it taste right!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Pink Baby Clothes

4 October 2009

Both my hubby and me avoid buying PINK baby clothes. It is too girlish.

Maybe it is our nature not too fancy about pink colours.

But, we do expect some parents LOVES pink so much!

Oh well, sometimes, when you try very hard not to buy pink clothes, it turn out you still have one because it is a gift from friends.

So, Deena's has her very own first PINK clothes to remember! hehehe

Milk stain on baby's tongue

2 October 2009

Occasionally, there will be milk stain on baby's tongue.
Few tips to remove it:

1. Occasionally give plain water (in addition to milk)

2. Cleans baby's tongue with Glycerine.

First Baby Bath

23 September 2009

It is Deena's first baby bath!

The grandma decided to demonstrate baby bath at the kitchen! hahaha

Things required: Baby basin, baby bath liquid, handy cloth, towel, a set of clean clothes.

A room temperature water.

First, make sure the baby did not just had her milk, it will vomit if too much movement. (baby's stomach is small). Remove the clothes gentle and clean the baby (if it had urinated or BO).

Next, dampen the baby's body with wet cloth (by doing this, baby will not get a rude shock when you bathe her) and slowly add soap to the cloth. Massage the soap on the baby, gently and quickly. We do not want the baby to shiver.

Lastly, rinse the baby in the basin. A quick front and back wash. The baby will keep quiet if she takes it well (ie likes to play water).

Noera Deena 30 days old

9 October 2009

Today ND is already 30 days old.
She looks plummier and responses well to sound and her name.
She would move her head towards the sounds or make a small sound in reply.
She also throw a smile, a cute smile!

This is Deena's latest photo.