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Friday, October 31, 2008

Japan trip - souvenier

31 Oct 2008

My boss is lucky as he gets to go to company trip to Japan.

Apparently it is so expensive to buy "real" souveniers that we get "sweets" instead.

Does the "sweets" look familiar to you ?? * L O L *

Open Raya at Goldcoast Hotel

26 Oct 2008

This is an Open Raya house at Goldcoast hotel in Port Klang. It is organised by Sri Siantan Family society. About 100 guest/relatives turn up for the event.

It was a free seating. There we few speeches/jokes by the President, Secretary of the Society. Later there was a certificate presentation and some slides shows.

By 3 pm, all are invited for buffet lunch. During lunch, some guest/relative wins lucky draw or sang few notes ala kara-ok style.

By 5 pm, we are all full and happy. Well wishes to all.

Friday Raya Feast

24 Oct 2008

We had a small feast on Friday noon.

It is a pot luck, so every one bring some home cook dishes to share.

Dishes on the table are Nasi Dagang, Laksam, Rendang Puding, Rendang Daging, Sayur Lodeh, Nasi Himpit, Roti Jala, Kuah Kacang, Ketupat palas, Bubur kacang durian, Cendol, Kek span, Kek apam, Keropok etc etc

Drink are the normal soft drinks.

While enjoying our food, we watch movie SUSUK. It is a suspense thriller movie.

My Mini Garden - morning dew

23 Oct 08

It is so refreshing to wake up early morning and smell the cool breeze.

My garden looks fresh and bright, showered by the morning dew.

My mini banana tree is blooming well, showing off its pink's heart.

My yam plant is pinky as ever.

Wet Market

23 Oct 2008

We are lucky as our house is near the wet market.

Generally, the vendors gets their supply from wet market at port or jetty. Town folks could get fresh grocery vegetables, red meat and white meat here. You could also get some of these at hypermarket, but I prefer wet market for some socialising with neighbours.

I have favourite stalls - which sells vegetables, fish, chicken, meat, onions and coconut milk. These are friendly folks and we do chat or joke around in the market !!

This particular morning, me and HB decided to snap photos of our favourite stalls. They are sheepish shy but sporting enough to give a good pose. Hope you enjoy !

Pavillion Craze

31 Oct 2008

Friday is a relax day. We went to Pavillion for Pizza Hut. It was a bright windy day and a quick walk to Pavillion is a breeze.

We had a quick bite and off window shop at the mall - the 6 of us ! Only one buys something, the others are too busy posing for mobile snapshots ! hehehe

We were like crazy kids, took candid photos during window shop and along our way to office.

We had FUN !

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Subang Parade - Window Shop

A break-away at Subang Parade will be a bliss ...I thought..

We have not visited Subang Parade for 6 months or more and it was a pleasant visit. The mall had a make-over. The mall look brighter, feels fresh !

Apparently on Sunday, the have mini stalls open at the certain floor. The stalls sell variety of stuff like re-cycle items, minitiatures, pets, magnets, clothes, food, plants etc .. It is a long stretch of stalls ...

After a quick breeze, we stop at Big Apple Donut (my fav !) for 6 colourful donuts. The family LOVES it.
An a surprise ! We saw Deepavali decoration on the floor. These are many from colourful rice grains. Very creative ya !

Road Tax Rebate at Pos Malaysia

18 Oct 2008

I finally managed to claim Road Tax Rebate from Pos Malaysia. RM 625 is a big rebate especially useful during festival month.

It is very SIMPLE... go to any Pos Malaysia, car owner to fill-up a form, produce your NRIC card and cash is given !

If you have not done so, be QUICK, it is SIMPLE as 1...2...3 !!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Open Raya House - ING staffs

17 Oct 2008
The event committee name the event - EB Glitter Party

This year EB had many challenges and we do celebrate our small success in small scale. Our CEO (Phoon) wanted to celebrate Raya with all EB staff. Staffs are encourage to wear traditional costum and be glitter !

CEO himself dressed in Baju Melayu - we named him Jejaka Terakhir Malaya ! Since most of us dress up for the party, taking photos is a must ! You just need to give a great smile, pose for a great shot and snap! snap!

I could not have enough of taking photos .. it is fun ! And we love to give funny,cuddly,loveable pose for the camera.

We stop for awhile for food hehe ... they have separate dishes for vegetarian. Mind you, vegetarian mutton curry dishes is very tasty ! I spotted different dish - Kuih koci, Kuih Bahulu and Kuih Talam. I did not eat much as I was too engross with taking photos.

It was fun to see non-muslim friends wear muslim traditional clothing. They look great !

To get the party going, we have GAMES.
1. Drinking milk from baby's milk bottle - 7 oz fresh milk to suck !
2. Bite finish an apple - hanging over a rod, no hands
3. Who has the big mouth - stuff the most grapes in the mouth
4. Limbo rock

It was a hillarious game, I could not stop laughing and snapping photos.

Presents are sponsored by Ventrax and handed over by Sandra, Fauzan and Mazlin. By special request, Fauzan is asked to sing 2 great numbers. He was shy but delighted and rock the floor.

It was a great event and everyone had fun.
My phone battery is low and my legs are aching - time to make move home... what a day

Open Raya House - Takaful Ikhlas

16 Oct 2008

TISB organised Open Raya House at Restoran Sri Melayu at Jalan Conlay, in the heart town of KL. Though it was raining heavily, I managed to rush home and fetch my husband.

We reached there by 7 pm and the crowd was just nice. The event starts from 4 - 8 PM. Time 4 -6 pm is meant for clientele while the rest are for staffs.

I look for different dishes to taste and had nasi himpit, lemang with rendang. Rendang daging was so spicy and tender. They also serve Roti Jala with Seraya Durian. Very tasty !

As we enjoy the food, some TISB staffs drop by to for a great chat. It was really pleasant to meet old friends. TISB staffs (Che Wan, Ramjali, Sheikh, Azman, Aznan, Yushida) are humble and friendly. We exchange jokes and gossip too.

Sorry.. I had so much fun talking, I forgot to take photos. BTW, we were among to last leave the restoran hehehe....

Open Raya House - Scan Associates

15 Oct 2008

I received an extended invitation to Scan Associates Open Raya house via my husband.

It is held at Restoran Villa Felda. Felda food catering is known for GREAT food. The restoran is set in a bungalow house. It has a good crowd although it was a wet evening.

We were greeted with colourful umbrella ... it was still raining hehehe
I managed to get in touch with Pn Hanum (HR) and exchange few words. Later we met Hannah and Syed (both are from Business Development). Soon, KA and Azhar join us as well.

Foods served inside are the common nasi minyak, nasi hujan, lemang, ketupat, lemang, laksa, salad and cakes. The was a huge WOK and the rendang is missing ! only left few pieces :)

We grab few items and be seated outside for a cooling breeze. There was a power shortage for 30 min - a romantic setting in wet night ? hehehe

When the lights are on, we took some satay and grilled mutton. It was a splendid food - freshly grilled and hot to eat.

There is also live performance by local traditional musician. Raya songs were played by the musicians.

By 9.30, we excuse ourselve and thanked the host for a fine dinner.

Ayat-ayat Cinta - the movie

It started with a great novel and now the movie is shown in local TV programme.

It is an eye-opener movie about LOVE - love to God, Religion and Mankind.

Quincidentally at office, my friend is reading the novel. You could grab the novel at MPH, Popular or other bookstore. The novel has good review from great poetry A.Samad Said.

A very MOVING movie indeed ...

Raya special invitees

12 Oct 2008

We decided that this year we could not have Open Raya house because of financial constraints. But if friends are to visit us, they are most welcome.

Medan (Tengku Amdan) is a close friend of my husband. He flew from Kuala Terengganu to attend Kak Midah's Open raya house. Since Medan is our house guest, we inviteed Abang Rahim, Katik (Saat Shukri) and Li Chan for lunch. They brought along their Misses.

We serve our guest, nasi himpit, kuah kacang, sayur lodeh, rendang ayam, mee hoon goreng and sambal udang. We serve plain water and Ribena hehehe ... no ice water served.

It was a small lunch session and it was a pleasant conversation among us. I appreciate small crowd, as a host, you get to be engaged with your guest.

By 2pm, Abang Rahim offered to send Medan to airport. The rest of the guests mingle for a while before each make their way home.

Later, we invited my cousin Awan (Ritzzuan Salim) and family over. The kids had fun playing with nephews and nieces. Too bad they had to make move soon as the cloud is very dark.

Asri and Amy (apparently in the neighbourhood) managed to visit us. It was a pleasant guest. As the rain start pouring, they had to make a move too.

It was a bless to have some shower in late afternoon. My kids had fun in the rain with umbrellas. I love rain...