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Saturday, May 31, 2008

AFamosa Resort Malaysia

I took a cab / taxi recently and noticed something interesting.....

Seated at the passanger seat, I noticed that the cab had leaflet pockets hanging over from the front seats. I could not understand the leaflets because it was in Arabic language / writting !

Why ? Normally leaflets would be in English or Bahasa. Then I remembered, month of June is summer holidays for the Arabs and month of sales for Malaysia.

Yup ! The leaflets are meants for the Arabs. Arabs spend summer holiday in Malaysia for 4-6 weeks and it can be more. Normally Arabs travel with family members and it can range from 4 person to 8 person or more. So spending quality time with family at AFamosa Resort is worthwhile.

I have not been to AFamosa, but I was informed that they have nice bungalow for rent with swimming pools. You can also try their entertainment park for a sweat !

AFamosa is in Malacca - historical place to visit. So make it worthwhile....

Levis Button - embedded

Levis at Berjaya Times Square was having sales this month ! Both jeans and docker pants.

Selected items were on 40% to 50% discount and are placed at certain section of the boutique. I ran through the jeans and to my disappointment - non suits me !

My hubby is a lucky person. So far, most of the shops that we went in, he will get something ! Most of the time - clothes and pants. In Levis boutique, he managed to get another good bargain for docker pants !

While waiting for him, I found a huge Levis button embedded on the floor at the dressing room. It is solid metal like disc. Pretty sight ya ...

p/s: I like my blue shoe, it complements my jeans

Hush Puppies on sale !

It was a wet Friday evening. It did not stop me from rushing to Berjaya Times square for the sales!

It took me 20 mins to the mall via monorel train. What I planned was to shop for clothes, clothes and clothes. Could not find what I desire, I ended with a sore feet !

Walking slowly, I noticed that Hush Puppies was having 20% to 50% sales ! Looking forward to sit on their cosy chairs, I found myself trying some sandals !

To my dis-believe, I bought one pair of light green sandal and it is a NEW ARRIVAL ! This was a spontanious buy. I do not normally do these...

I waved good bye to the puppies and walk home with HAPPY FEET !

Small, small, big - traffic light

Can you spot the difference ?!

It puzzled me when my son said " Look! small, small, big " and he laughed. We were at the road junction and the traffic light was RED. When I scrutinize the traffic light post, indeed, it was small, small, big! hehehe

Apparently, both lights RED and YELLOW are smaller than the GREEN one. I have no answer as to why is it so, but it was funny to stare at.

Later, the light turned GREEN, and we say goodbye to the small, small, big traffic light..

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Scan Associates - reception area

I had an opportunity to visit Scan Associates office, recently.

I came early and was seated at the guest corner at the reception hall. It was a nice setting, very modern look and cosy. Big lush leather sofa with nice oval coffee tables.

Across me was a self-service pantry section complete with coffee dispenser and other drink sets. I love the pantry design, so welcoming.

Adjacent to the pantry, they have 4 sets of round tables with chairs. Later I learned, this tables are discussion table, where I had my discussion.

It was pleasant meeting both with the personnal involved and the topic discussed. A mutual understanding is reached and a solution is expected by month end.

I left the office with peace of mind and BIG SMILES ..

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pocoyo - Theme of the month

My kids are ardent fan of Pocoyo, children program.

They made me watch the cartoon and I learned their names - Pocoyo, Elly the elephant, Petho the duck, Ula the dog, Citybird the sleepy bird and Octopus the 4 legged octopus...

Not only they watch the program on TV, they also played games on the computer. My hubby does the website shortcut for them to access the games etc etc.

With thousands of click of the mouse, they learned that we have a All-in-One HP printer that can print colourful stuffs!

So my hubby started printing and made stickers, bookmarks, something to stick on the walls etc etc ...

The kids LOVE it and that matters most...

School Holiday

26 May till 6 June is a school holiday ! some colleges have mid-term holiday as well.

The holiday rush started on Friday night 23 May. Outbound KL traffic is jam starting as early as 9 pm. I was stuck in the traffic and decided to use inbound KL road to reach my destination. It is a longer route but with less traffic.

Saturday was a bless, there was not many people in town and my grocery shopping at market and Tesco was a breeze.

Sunday morning was relaxing and a quick drive at Tasik Titiwangsa shows less crowd with better / shorter queue for the Eye on Malaysia ride. In fact, there was a mini-circuit remote car race at the lake.

Later that evening, we went for jog at the Pandan stadium. It was an excellent weather and kids had wonderful time.

Can you see the trend ? When it comes to school holidays, KL town is less crowded and better traffic. Most of city-folkes take leaves to spend holiday with the family. Having said that, some non-city-folkes, decided it would be a best time to visit KL for its tourist attraction and malls.

For now, Im blessed that my kids are still small and have not learn to demand holiday trips during school holidays.

I do plan some holidays but it is a secret, will tell you once we made it !

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Picky on Foods

Rice + Ketchup + Cucumber

That was what my son wanted for dinner.
Sigh - to think of it, when I was small, I do remember demanding Rice + Ketchup + Ommelette...hehehe Deejavu!

As the food are served, we add extra dishes to entice him ... chicken nugget + fried chicken.
He ate all of them .. BRAVO

Kids, as I understand, sometimes rebels when it comes to eating. But when the dishes are served, they would just eat them gracefully.

Moms out there, make PEACE during eating time, you do not want any MESS on the dinning table.... *smiles*

Cheese Carrot Cake

I made it !

I woke up today morning and crave for carrot cake. Later, I remembered a receipe that my lil sis gave me. A quick look at the receipe and off to Tesco to buy the baking stuff.

What stuff ? Hershey choc syrup, Choc drops, Strawberry drops, Colourful mix rice, cream cheese ....

4 hours later, baking mood arose and I started taking out baking trays, butter, eggs etc etc. The kids were "helpful" with dis-organising my baking stuffs ... most of the time, I kept putting back all the things in order ...

Finally, the bell rang and the cake is ready. What a NICE smell !

The cake dough is split into 2 baking trays - one is rectangular tray (for the adult) and the other is muffin tray for the kids.

We spread cheese icing on the muffin and off goes the decorative stuffs on the muffins...

The kids love the muffin and MESS ....

My next ambition is to bake scones ...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Apple Anniversary

Big Apple is not a fruit but DONUT !

I found another donut franchise run by Berjaya Group. So far we bought Big Apple donut from Subang Parade and The Garden.

Our favourites : Snowy, California Almonds, Pink Panther & Cinnamons.

Interestingly, they have OPEN KITCHEN concept whereby you get to see how they mould the dough, cut into tiny circles, fry and flavour them. These are done effortlessly.

Love the designs, Love the flavours minus the baking hehehe

What happen to the study table ?

Sigh ! and they LOVE the floor when it comes to colouring books or drawing.

To think of it, I did buy a NEW set of table with 2 cute chairs. The kids were so excited with the tables, that they sat ON the table instead of chairs ...hahaha

What happen to the table ? My kid bro is using it as a study table !

The chairs ? The kids use them to stand tall to reach for the lamp switch or take goodies from the top shelves.

Kids nowadays.... I just cannot read their minds.

p/s: All my floors are of laminated floorings. It is easy maintenance and safe for the kids.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We found a superstar ! and grab the opportunity for a glam pic ! *chuckle*

Colmar Tropicale @ Bukit Tinggi Resort

Colmar Tropicale at hill top is really a great get-away!

A short drive from KL and we are ready to check-in.
A nice French hotel with fine restaurants to dine in. Everyday (every night) the place is alive with stage performances, musics and lightings. At 2 am, I can still hear people chatting and laughing at the nearby 24 hour restaurant.

For kids, you get to chase, feed, hug chubby rabbits at Rabbit farm. You also get to climb, jump and test your stamina at Japanese garden and Botanical garden. If mom and dad have the budget, then you get to ride horses! Beautiful horses.

For relaxation, a dip in a nice swimming pool or a reflexology foot message will treat you well. Otherwise, put on your sneakers and have a run on the treadmill in the gym nearby.

If you come in big group, why not have a game of bowling to tease your mates.

Colmar .... Everyone can enjoy and it is really a great get-away !

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pay Less Books

We bought 4 books!

It was for the kids ... hard cover book with BIG fonts and short stories :)
The kids love books ... usually they look at the book, turn front and back (very fast) and walk away.

Lately, they began reading little words like go, in, the, for, on, no, off, car, balloon etc. With the new books, they learn to read (Im excited !) .....slowly (sometimes too slow, Im half dead).

I hope the book lasts long before our next visit to Pay Less Book again :)

Ammodago Excellent Motivation

I am a certified speaker as of today !!

Yes, I graduated from Ammodago Excellent Motivation. The invited facilitator is Mr David Goh! It was a 4 day intensive programme.

How was it ? It was fantastic ! Really !
I will not spill the program activities, but seriously, if you want to improve your speaking or public speaking ability, this is a great program to participate.

There will be some assignment given and graduation celebration.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hot Banana Fritters

"Pisang goreng panas, 3 pinggan!" -- means hot banana fritters, 3 plates please...

My favourite "pisang goreng" is at Simpang Rantai, Batu Pahat.

The stall owner is very simple person...1 plate is RM 1, so I ordered 3 plates!

He would just scoop and wrap 3 plates of bananas for the exchange of RM 3.

The sauce is black ketchup with chillies. Only in Johor, we dip the bananas with this sauce!

Dip in and o-la-la....TRY IT !

Barbie Doll

Is not she perfect ?! Ladies - do you have one when you were small ?

I do not recall I have one, but I do have stuff toy. She is tall, slender, long orange hair and I carry (drag) her everywhere I go.

I wish I still have a photo of it.

Anyway, kids nowadays are lucky... maybe they get to have one because the mother wants one! haha. One thing I appreciate is the accessories for the dolls. They have everything made small - shoes, handbags, comb, glasses etc etc

Have you ever played paper dolls ie dress the doll with paper ?

Jazz Concert at Ruums, Life Centre KL

I got free tickets!

The concert will be on Monday night.

Life Jazz performances - actually I do not know any of the singers, but I heard Ning Baizura is making a special appearance !

Join me and have fun Monday night!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Prevenar Vaccination - it is a must!

FYI this vaccination is not mandatory (yet) by Health Ministry, due to funding issues..

How did I get to know this jab ?

Lately, my kids had fever and cough for over a month. It became worse when my son's fever did not subside. After sought advice, we went to see Dr Vernon at Gleneagles Intan Medical Centre (GIMC). He is one kind of peadtrician - very chirpy and funny.

We learned that Prevenar Vaccination is a must to protect kids from bad flu and chesty problems. Apparently, it can affect the hearing, throat and brain !

The jab is quite expensive (times 2 .... 2 kids lar...). The sister is fine and now we are monitoring the younger one.

Hopefully no more fever or interrupted sleepless nights for me!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom

My kid brother is a gem!

He bought this nice coffee cake for my mom's birthday and it taste great! It's from Baker's Cottage bakery.

My mom is 67 years old this year and is still kicking...

To add on, I bought her new mobile phone Nokia 6200, a simple phone for daily usage...

Mom - we wish you best of life and take care...

Dad - you birthday is in October, so please be patient ya.....

Fish Tank Memoir

My dad loves animals! and gardening...

We used to have this huge fish tank that once filled with Arowana fish, Flowerhorn gold fish, normal gold fish, other coloured fishes ....

The fish tank / aquarium looks fabulous once it is filled with fresh water, clean pebbles, life water plants and bubbly crabs... but after 3-4 weeks, the water started to be cloudy, muddy and smelly.

I dreaded cleanning the tank as Im not a fan of fishes! Often I kept jumping when the fishes flipped struggling for breath of air....

Those are the funny days, now the tank sat in front of the house, wanting a keeper...

Lady's Finger

Look at that! it is huge...

My dad's lazy couch at the porch is facing our neighbour's garden. A nice green view. He kept watching the lady's finger plant grow taller everyday.

Yesterday, he finally have the guts to ask for the fresh vegetables. Our kind neighbour was happy to receive the request and manage to harvest about 5 lady's fingers.

Well, five is very little. You steam the vegetable, eat it on its own and it is heaven!

Mind you, lady's finger are not so good if you have gas in the stomach...

Cooling Cendol

It has been very hot weekend at Batu Pahat. Quench your thirst with cooling cendol is very rewarding.

My favourite cendol shop has an article publish on local paper!

I 100% agree that cendol then and now still taste the same.