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Monday, October 11, 2010

Satay anyone?

3 Oct 2010

Satay! Its meat grilled over charcoal fire! Delicious when served hot.

Alternatively, use chicken meat, faster cooking compared to beef. And dip into peanut sauce, heaven!

Since it's boneless chicken, it's easy food to eat by old citizen and baby.

Deena is chopping her satay already!

Cupcakes everywhere

Cupcakes oh cupcakes...

We see cupcakes during tea time. Now there are eaten 24/7!

Cupcakes used to be grandma/mom's best cakes, now it is sold at all bakery stalls!

Not all cupcakes taste great. Some had to much of sweet icing!

I liked Kenny Roger's corn cupcakes. They are the best! Still the best!

Pretty Yasmine

Yasmine means flower and flower is pretty in nature.

Our Yasmine is pretty herself and she can be adorable at times! Learning to take care herself shows signs of maturity.

Do bloom to a beautiful person inside, that is most important. Love you always!

Engagement 10 Oct 2010

It is a simple engagement but the setting was superb!

Red and white is the colour theme.

We wish the couple best of love!