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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Open Raya House - ING staffs

17 Oct 2008
The event committee name the event - EB Glitter Party

This year EB had many challenges and we do celebrate our small success in small scale. Our CEO (Phoon) wanted to celebrate Raya with all EB staff. Staffs are encourage to wear traditional costum and be glitter !

CEO himself dressed in Baju Melayu - we named him Jejaka Terakhir Malaya ! Since most of us dress up for the party, taking photos is a must ! You just need to give a great smile, pose for a great shot and snap! snap!

I could not have enough of taking photos .. it is fun ! And we love to give funny,cuddly,loveable pose for the camera.

We stop for awhile for food hehe ... they have separate dishes for vegetarian. Mind you, vegetarian mutton curry dishes is very tasty ! I spotted different dish - Kuih koci, Kuih Bahulu and Kuih Talam. I did not eat much as I was too engross with taking photos.

It was fun to see non-muslim friends wear muslim traditional clothing. They look great !

To get the party going, we have GAMES.
1. Drinking milk from baby's milk bottle - 7 oz fresh milk to suck !
2. Bite finish an apple - hanging over a rod, no hands
3. Who has the big mouth - stuff the most grapes in the mouth
4. Limbo rock

It was a hillarious game, I could not stop laughing and snapping photos.

Presents are sponsored by Ventrax and handed over by Sandra, Fauzan and Mazlin. By special request, Fauzan is asked to sing 2 great numbers. He was shy but delighted and rock the floor.

It was a great event and everyone had fun.
My phone battery is low and my legs are aching - time to make move home... what a day

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