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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Toyota Wish - Driving Experience

We had the privilege to borrow a car for a week. It is Toyota Wish 2.0 VVTI.

It was our first experience to drive a MPV. I love the high seats, you feel good during driving but need to really estimate your car swing during turnings or parking.

The kids were delighted to see a different car. For them, it is a toy! They always sit at the last seat of the car. Most of the time, I could not see them because they were playing what-ever-not.

p/s: would anyone want to lend me a BMW for a driving experience ?

Pizza Hut & Kids

My hubby wanted to cheer me up and brought us to Shah Alam for Pizza Hut. So far but it was a good effort. I did not really eat but the kids jump into the food like mania!

It was not easy for the kids to just sit down and eat at fast food restaurant. But this time, it was different, they were obedient and gobble thru the food.

We conclude the meal with a cup of
ice-cream each. So lovely !

Smart Reader Kids - Privilege Cards

Sigh ! my kids now have discount cards (at the age of 4 & 6 !)

Kids get discounts at MPH Bookstore, Kids meal at Secret Receipt etc etc...

Baby Blues - Chart Pie

This is so true !

I love Baby Blues cartoon -- it just so true.
It helps me understand motherhood better and love life while I can.

Wedding @ Sri Cempaka, Cheras

I brave myself for a wedding invitation at Sri Cempaka, Cheras. This is actually next to PGRM building. Interestingly, Sri Cempaka is actually a hotel, complete with swimming pool. Such a low profile apartment suite.
Im happy that a lady friend of ours finally found her true love. She is in early 40 and she initially met her husband thru business accquitance. Invitees are her family and close friends. Wedding theme was mud-green and silver.

Food was really wonderful ! (esp for me who has not had good appetite). My kids love the rice and orange drinks.

The wedding is also a small union for some of us whom we have not seen for last 2 years. It was lovely to get to see familiar faces. We mingle and joke around before time to part.

Post Viral Fever Episode

My high temperature fever actually end last Saturday (21/6/08).

It was the worst fever I had for the year, basically I slept the whole day! What made the fever worst was that I did not had appetite to eat and I purge.

Good side of it is that I lost some weight.... hehehe

But, I noticed something, I do not feel like my own self. As if Im half awake, the head will start spin when Im out in sun too often and that I loose my stamina when I walk up/down stairs.

On Friday (27/6/08), I went to see my in-house doctor and she said this is signs of Post viral fever episode. Ghee......anyway, since my headache concentrated on my eyes and forehead, doc gave me migrane medicine.

Oh my god! the medicine was so strong that the headache worsen and I vomitted. I finally decided to stop taking the medicine and just drank water and rest.

My sister (a doc) advised me to take good rest. Post viral fever episode happens when you did not get enough rest for the body to build ups antibody and energy. HA! that was easy to understand !

With that, I make an appoint to rest rest on Saturday and woke up late on Sunday.... Feel good tho (no guilt for waking up late...)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tea and Biscuit

Being not well, eating is an ordeal.....

Porridge has been my food for the past 2 days. It was not a perfect food but nice to swallow and soft for the stomach.

Later, I decided to try something different: Tea and Biscuit !

Yup, a cream cracker biscuit dip in hot tea .... yum yum...
My son heard the cracker's sound and decided to join me...

It was a pleasure sharing Tea and Biscuit with my son, especially when Im not well.

Allah is all mighty, there is always a blessing.

Magic Medicine

I am down with fever and cough for the past two days.

I seldom falls sick, which I try not too because it feels awful and boring. So for the past 2 days, I have been sleeping sleeping all day. My kids will pop in my room to say hi and pop out to play.

It would be nice to join them in the play room, but the runny nose bothers me alot!

Today, I managed to struggle through with the kids to finish up their school work. My daughter did not have any homework, so I asked her to draw some cartoon...

And she showed me MAGIC MEDICINE ...!
p/s: look at the photo and you know why...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jusco Cash Voucher - I won !

Luck strikes me and I won Jusco cash voucher !

In the office, we have 2 meeting rooms next to each other and all our us are confused as to which one is EB1 or EB2 (hmmm....sounds like Bananas in Pyjamas story).
So our creative dept decided to open a mini competition to name the rooms. I throw some ideas and shockingly 2 entries made it to the finals.

The prize giving ceremony was done on Monday evening. The CEO proudly gave away the vouchers to the winners. First prize receive RM 80 cash vouchers, while others get RM 30 only. Yours truly won 2 consolation prize ....so total RM 60 cash vouchers!

Good news ! The same competition will open up in 2 years time, so I better prepare some catchy name to win more vouchers.

EB1 vs EB2 is now known as Passion vs Royal meeting rooms.
p/s : how I wish the cash vouchers are petrol rebate vouchers .....

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Spring or Fall season ?

I always pass through the same way when I do my grocery on Saturyday.

But yesterday it felt different. We use the same road but it felt as though we went through a season of spring or fall.

The road was filled with flowers - white and pink colours. Then we noticed that all the big tress planted along the road are bloomed with flowers and as the wind blows hard, the flowers fall down like snow flakes. It is so beautiful !

I got frustrated because I could not capture all those great moments on my phone K850i but hope the photos posted will do fine.

p/s: should I buy a SLR camera ?

Smart Reader Kids - 2008 Sport day

2008 sport day is held at Stadium Bolasepak Cheras, opposite of HUKM medical centre.

Registration starts from 8 - 8.30 am. Kids are dressed in RED (T-shirt, long pants, hat). Upon registration, kids take their place while parents find a good seat to cheer their kids.

The events started with singing the national anthem, school song and a cheer for FATHER's DAY ! The kids are group in 3 colour team - Green, Blue and Yellow.

Kids get to play 2 games. My daughter did SACK Race and Threading while the kid brother did Pick Me Up and Sweep Me Up game. There are other games but the crowd has a great laugh and cheer from Duck Walk game - very hillarious !

The sport day ended at 11 noon and kids were given their medals and take-home-beverages. It was a great day for sports!

We later headed to KFC for early lunch.

Elegance Tailor

I finally found a good tailor !

I did told you that I was looking for a good tailor. What do you mean good ? My defination of good tailor is that she must know her job well. Let me share more....

I was referred to this tailor at Angkasaraya in KL. Apparently her workmanship is good so it her labour cost. I did not set an appointment but instead did a surprise visit.

Her shop is rather small but enough for her to set tables for cloth cutting and sewing. I introduced myself and asked her whether she can still sew my cloths. Why such question ? FYI - Raya month is in October and most of the time, tailor do not accept order for sewings.

She still accepts orders and my clothes will be ready before September !
I like this lady because she can sketch designs. I believe, a tailor must know how to sketch, if not, how can you design ? And her assistant is a good cloth cutter and designer. It is her son - cute too!

I show her my 4 chiffon cloths and 4 sketches of designs were made. My 7 clothes will be ready in 2 batches. The first batch will be ready next month. It will be a test-bed whether she will be my favourite tailor for life....hehehe

Earlier, I found one tailor, cheap labour cost but very poor service. She is strike out from my list... sorry

p/s: I must be comfortable and look good in my clothes !

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Allah Maha Kuasa (God is Mighty)

I love the sayings below.....it is in Bahasa Malaysia :)

"Bila Allah cepat makbulkan doamu, maka DIA menyayangimu..
Bila DIA lambat makbulkan doamu, maka DIA ingin mengujimu..
Bila DIA tidak makbulkan doamu, maka DIA merancang sesuatu yang lebih baikbuatmu..

Oleh itu bersangka baiklah dalam apa jua keadaan,kerana kasih sayang Allah itu mendahului kemurkaanNYA.."

To my Zid sis, thanks girl for the above :)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

KL scenic view - Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Very often on Saturday and Sunday night - this enhanted building is lited with beautiful lights. Across the building is a rugby size field for city folks to lazy around to enjoy the beautiful sights or take a good breather.

If you are in town, do make a trip and experience the serenity.

Tagline - Everyone can Buy !

Sounds familiar ?

That is what we call tagline. It is a branding concept that comes out with catchy phrases.

Some tagline to share:

1. Airasia - Now, everyone can fly

2. Malaysia Charity House - Now, everyone can donate

3. Nike - You can do it

4. Toyota - Moving forward

Since it is SALES month, at KL Sentral, I saw this signage which was hillarious. :)

Gulatis Silk Store on sales

We came to know that Gulatis is having warehouse sales only on Thursday. Good deal from 49% to 70% discounts.

On Saturday, after good grocery day, we rushed to Gulatis store in Ampang. Being early, it was easy to get a car park and there was no crowd at the store. Each guest is assigned with one sales assistant which we noticed most of them are foreign workers from India.

A humble Indian man from Madras assisted us with cloth selections. There were 4 storey and the top floor is the main office. Ground floor is mainly dry clean silk cloths, second is washeable silks and third floor is the chiffons cloths.

I like easy maintenance lifestyle and only look for cloths that are washable be it silks, chiffons or viscose. With passion and patience, the Madras man guided us and we bought 6 materials - 2 of which are silks.

This was my first buy of chiffons cloths and the Madras man educated us in choosing the right linning material and colours. It was good learning experience.

After FOUR hours of soul searching, we made our purchase, bid farewell.
My next stop is to find a good tailor for my beautiful cloths!

Monorail Ride to KL Sentral

Yep! we took public transport today !

Initially, we do not know where to go on good Sunday noon. Then the kids cited "choo choo train..." and monorail ride came to the picture.

We took train from Jalan Raja Chulan station and head to KL Sentral station (last station). The was no crowd and kids go seats on their own. There were about 7 stops before we reach our destination.

We alight and cross the road towards KL Sentral where all public transportation is connected. To name a few, the local buses, fly-bus to airport, taxis, trains and trains to the airport. It is a once stop centre and the crowd is huge!

We made a stop at McDonald for light lunch and kids enjoyed their small toy. A cat figure - a character from Panda Kunfu upcoming movie.

Later we made our journey home. It was a great way to spend some quality time with kids !

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nike - Just Do It

Nike has a great tagline ie Just Do It.

You can see its label and tagline almost at every sport events.
Simply, if there is a way, just do it.

What happens when you achieved whatever you have started ?

Look at the pic ! *laugh out loud*

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dramatic Incidences - Oil Price Hikes

Everyone experience chaos on the road yesterday. This was due to the announcement that petrol price will increase today.

Some incidences to share .....
1. Frustration for being trapped in traffic for 2 or more hours. It was abnormal.
2. Dis-believe when they saw the long queue at the petrol kiosk. It congested the road literally!
3. Heart-ache when some had minor car accidents / scrathes when trying / squeezing their cars at the petrol kiosk.
4. Commotion at the petrol counter when some wanted to pay petrol with their credit cards and it did not go through. Re-try swipe the cards caused anger among inpatience bystanders.
5. Dismay when the petrol pump has no petrol by 10 pm! All rushed to the next petrol pump.
6. Laugh out loud to see such incidences just to save RM2o or more of petrol.
7. Curious on how government want to impose a refund / rebate to car owners with small cc cars.
8. Hillarious simulation vision movie clip received via email on how life is without cars

Life still has to go on, make it simple and life will be great !

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monday Wedding Reception @ Felda Dewan Perdana

Wedding on Monday ? That was my Q to my hubby when we receive the invitation card.

Apparently Felda Dewan Perdana is all booked for the weekends. Obviously, it is school holidays and people take these 2 weeks holidays to WED!

I always look forward to attend functions at Dewan Perdana. The last function was a corporate event hosted by our partner for Hari Raya Idul Fitri which was last year ! For a change, it is nice to attend a wedding in the same hall.

The wedding planner did a great job! The colour theme is RED and WHITE. You get to see the host and hostess dressed in theme colours. The groom's mother dressed in lovely pink! and she looked so radiant.

The bride and groom entered the hall at 8.30 pm. There were some short presentation, speeches and rhymes. Later food is served at 9 pm. Delicious dishes with ice-cream deserts and HERSHEYs choc as take home gifts.

We were seated at "family" table and had cordial conversation with some grooms' family members.

By 10.30 pm, all set to go home. We congratulate the newly wed couple joyus life and thanked them for the invitation.

We reach home sweet home within 30 min and has a pleasant sleep with full stomach...

Oil Price - Triple Hike

Today is OIL DAY ...

About 6 pm, I received sms with message that petrol price increased to RM 2.70, effective tomorrow. Later, the news spread around the office within seconds. Some took it seriously, some took it lightly.

Outside, it was a wet evening and the traffic jam has started. Why jam ? It could be of many reasons - the weather, rushing home or rushing to pump petrol before the price hike etc etc.

My journey home was a bliss as there was traffic policemen at work (ghee, they work in the rain !). As I approach my residence area the jam starts again. Why ? The rain has stopped. I noticed that there was a long queue at junction where Petronas pump kiosk is located.

Crawling slowly, I managed to pass the pump kiosk and headed home.

At 10 pm, I thought it would be worthwhile pumping some petrol but the queue is still too long! Oh well, might as well have a good rest and pump petrol tomorrow. Life still has to go on....