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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sep 1, 2008 - Ramadhan begins

It is the most awaited month !

I was glued to TV set to wait for the fasting day announcement. Once confirmed, I made a quick call to my neighbour Makcik Janna. She is all set to go to mosque.

Within moments, we met at the agreed junction. Since Makcik Janna is really old, I think she is 70 - we would walk slowly enjoy the breeze. The mosque (surau actually) is not far away.

God is Mercy - half way, we got a car ride from Makcik Fatimah of Wira 2.

The mosque has a good crowd and we soon start Isyak prayer. A few addressing note by the Imam and we continue with Terawikh prayer - 8 rakaat. The Imam was not feeling well but he brave himself with few Ramadhan pointers for us to ponder.

By 10, we did our Witir prayer and off home.
God is All Mighty - Makcik Janna was a bit tired and suddenly another Makcik neighbour offered a car ride home. We are blessed.

If tomorrow the weather is good, we will walk again.
If Makcik Janna is not feeling well, I will drive to mosque.

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