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Monday, September 8, 2008

Masjid Batu Pahat - A visit to remember

I brought my mom to Masjid Batu Pahat for Terawikh prayer.

This is her first time (and mine!) of so many years.
She had mix feelings about it.

Normally, she does the prayer at home, during late nights.
My dad had tears in his eyes when my mom came from Masjid.
Maybe he felf happy for her.

My dad is a sensitive person.
He was so happy that we visited him during Ramadhan month.
Kids play and quarrel with my dad, which is fine occasionally.

During our short stay, we change the curtains and spring clean the house.
Simple and nice for the Raya to come.
We gave her the home made cookies.
Hope it will last till Ramadhan ends.

Dear readers,
Ramadhan month is a blessing month.
Worship well and you will be guided by Allah.

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