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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka Biscuits

Frankly, it was suppose to be Semprit biscuit, but somehow I felt the dough was tasteless.You are suppose to use Semprit cutter to make it but I thought a different design would make it interesting to eat. So we roll the dough thin and find some biscuit cutter. There were so many designs and we choose a simple one.
My kids love to stamp biscuit cutter on the dough. It is like a race, who can stamp faster! But because the dough is rather wet, they gave up and watch cartoon. I choose a corn-like cutter and quickly finish the dough.

But during trial baking (we tested 2 first), it still taste blunt. My girl had a great idea to sprinkle coloured rice to make it enticing. True enough, it taste nice too.

Since it is the eve of Merdeka and the biscuits are colourful like fireworks, we call it Merdeka biscuits - cool ya !

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