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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Family Day Fiesta - July 2008

It was the first time my company organise Family Day Fiesta from 3 pm to 10 at night !

We thought it was crazy, but it was a practical way to have both family day and annual dinner at the same time. It was also fun and easy for staff and family to celebrate quality time!

For a start, a great venue at Pudu Park, Shamelin, Cheras (near PGRM). It was a new park with public facilities (surau, toilets, cool-water, shades, jog area, bicycle ride, etc..) and security (high fences). We book the park for ourselves; for easy entry and security, we had a wrist band at all times.

The activities are FUN. There are fruit stalls (durians, mangoesteen, rambutan, duku transported by 6 tonnes of lorry), tea time stalls (fries, curry puffs, cakes), drink stalls (plain and coloured water), registration booth (goody bags), huge canopy (big fans, water sprinkler, water balloon sprinkler), deejay booth (nice music, good jokes), covered main stage (big fans, water balloon sprinkler), inflatable big toys (for kids to jump, climb, slide, crawl), petting zoo (baby kangaroo, rabbits, hamster, albino phytoon, pony ride), snack stalls (caramel popcorns, cotton candy, ice-creams, choc indulgence), creative stalls (colour me miniature, keychain, colouring contest), game stalls (mini bowl, darts, dry and wet games) and clowns!

It was a great afternoon for both family and kids. We were drenched with laughter and sweats. By 5, the sun was easy on us and all sets to cool down by the dinner tables set for the night. It is time for Lucky draw announcements (done in stages till 10 at night).

Buffet dinner starts at 7 pm (nasi beriyani, satay, nasi lemak, roti canai, kuey thiaw, McDonald kids meal), followed by entertainments (jokes, performance by dance group, special artist Dayang Nur Faizah).

It was made Fun and Easy for those who attended. Great job for the organising committee. Hope to have it again next year !

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