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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Splashing Fun at Sunway Lagoon

We had another family day event - this is at Sunway Lagoon. We had the Waterpark for the wholeday ! It was easy to spot Mimos staffs as all were dressed in LIME-GREEN T-shirts !

Event starts at 8 in the morning, with warm greetings by the receptionist. We were given some toys for the kids and paper fan to cool ourselves. We started queue for breakfast - nasi lemak !

We found a shady bench and start "camping". Kids were so excited, they wanted to play with the beach sands. At 10 am, we queue again for morning break - mini burgers !

Soon, we found ourselves dipping in the water. There were activities like telematch, morning exercise, clowning - but we could not help ourselves drawn towards the water.

Kids loves the beach, they soak themselves till their fingers have wrinkles !

Lunch is served at 1 pm. We grab our lunches and move towards Kids park where more fun is expected ! Soon, the sun was too strong, we made move home by 3 pm, exhausted but exilirated.

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