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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stomach pain again....

I had diarohea twice this week.

One on Sunday.
I had lunch at 3 pm, rice with sambal petai, which I ate alot because it tasted good or was I too hungry ? Anyway, we went to park at 7 pm at I vomitted! So embarrased. Rush home and big drama happens 10 at night. Manage to go office the next day, but had fever and was given MC to rest at home.

One on Thursday.
Big night market is on Wednesday night. We thought it would be nice to eat durian (since it is cheaper now) before fasting month starts. We bought 5 durians and all taste great! I was wary for my son as he might get fever for eating too much durian. My nightmare starts at 6 in the morning. Only managed to drive to clinic at 11 noon. Doc gave me antibiotic and MC to rest for the day.

This is back-to-back diarohea and a drama I do not want to repeat. So uncomfortable...

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