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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cookies again - version 3

One of the school activity that I plan for my kids are baking cookies again. It was raining heavily and since we could not go out, we bake in the morning.

This is my version 3 choc chip cookies. My kid bro was around and he loves the cookies. It took one hour to finish baking. While cleaning the utensils, I had a shocked. My little son sure knows where to keep his CARS.

After baking, the rain stops and it is time to go out for casual driving. We went to Tesco to buy more baking stuffs.

When we reached home, kids had few rounds of bicycle games before shower time. Dinner is almost ready and I was hunger for sweets.

I could not find the cookies I baked earlier, and know what ? My kid bro finished them ALL. Ops... to good to resist I guess...

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