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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Le Paris Hotel and Resort

It was a last minute holiday plan and we pick Le Paris Hotel out of convenience !
It is the nearest hotel in Port Dickson, which is a walking distance to town centre. The beach is facing Shell's oil shipping dock. So you can see boats and nice, clean white sandy beach.

All hotel rooms are sea-view. It has nice pool setting. It is good to swim in the morning but too hot in the evening as the hotel is facing the evening sun. Problem is the pool closes at 7 pm!

The room is an apartment setting with big hall, kitchen and 2 rooms (enought for 4 adults). The bathroom is not to my liking as yellowish water comes out from the bathroom water tap.
We had buffet breakfast which was so-so. Apparently they did not refill the coffee nor replenish the foods. So, do not be late for breakfast! I think the hotel is barely surviving - look at the vase - it is broken and sealed with loytape!
Due to so-so environment, we check-out early and drove towards Teluk Kemang to see the public beach. The beach is pack with human under the hot blazing sun. There are many charted buses as people go to beaches during school holidays. We stop by for ABC drink to cool down.

Half an hour later, we make a move home, in our cool car. Kids were fast asleep within minutes!

Verdict: If you want to stay in a hotel, make it a real hotel and not apartment like hotel. Rather dissapointed.

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