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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oil Price - Triple Hike

Today is OIL DAY ...

About 6 pm, I received sms with message that petrol price increased to RM 2.70, effective tomorrow. Later, the news spread around the office within seconds. Some took it seriously, some took it lightly.

Outside, it was a wet evening and the traffic jam has started. Why jam ? It could be of many reasons - the weather, rushing home or rushing to pump petrol before the price hike etc etc.

My journey home was a bliss as there was traffic policemen at work (ghee, they work in the rain !). As I approach my residence area the jam starts again. Why ? The rain has stopped. I noticed that there was a long queue at junction where Petronas pump kiosk is located.

Crawling slowly, I managed to pass the pump kiosk and headed home.

At 10 pm, I thought it would be worthwhile pumping some petrol but the queue is still too long! Oh well, might as well have a good rest and pump petrol tomorrow. Life still has to go on....

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