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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dramatic Incidences - Oil Price Hikes

Everyone experience chaos on the road yesterday. This was due to the announcement that petrol price will increase today.

Some incidences to share .....
1. Frustration for being trapped in traffic for 2 or more hours. It was abnormal.
2. Dis-believe when they saw the long queue at the petrol kiosk. It congested the road literally!
3. Heart-ache when some had minor car accidents / scrathes when trying / squeezing their cars at the petrol kiosk.
4. Commotion at the petrol counter when some wanted to pay petrol with their credit cards and it did not go through. Re-try swipe the cards caused anger among inpatience bystanders.
5. Dismay when the petrol pump has no petrol by 10 pm! All rushed to the next petrol pump.
6. Laugh out loud to see such incidences just to save RM2o or more of petrol.
7. Curious on how government want to impose a refund / rebate to car owners with small cc cars.
8. Hillarious simulation vision movie clip received via email on how life is without cars

Life still has to go on, make it simple and life will be great !

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