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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Smart Reader Kids - 2008 Sport day

2008 sport day is held at Stadium Bolasepak Cheras, opposite of HUKM medical centre.

Registration starts from 8 - 8.30 am. Kids are dressed in RED (T-shirt, long pants, hat). Upon registration, kids take their place while parents find a good seat to cheer their kids.

The events started with singing the national anthem, school song and a cheer for FATHER's DAY ! The kids are group in 3 colour team - Green, Blue and Yellow.

Kids get to play 2 games. My daughter did SACK Race and Threading while the kid brother did Pick Me Up and Sweep Me Up game. There are other games but the crowd has a great laugh and cheer from Duck Walk game - very hillarious !

The sport day ended at 11 noon and kids were given their medals and take-home-beverages. It was a great day for sports!

We later headed to KFC for early lunch.

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