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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jusco Cash Voucher - I won !

Luck strikes me and I won Jusco cash voucher !

In the office, we have 2 meeting rooms next to each other and all our us are confused as to which one is EB1 or EB2 (hmmm....sounds like Bananas in Pyjamas story).
So our creative dept decided to open a mini competition to name the rooms. I throw some ideas and shockingly 2 entries made it to the finals.

The prize giving ceremony was done on Monday evening. The CEO proudly gave away the vouchers to the winners. First prize receive RM 80 cash vouchers, while others get RM 30 only. Yours truly won 2 consolation prize ....so total RM 60 cash vouchers!

Good news ! The same competition will open up in 2 years time, so I better prepare some catchy name to win more vouchers.

EB1 vs EB2 is now known as Passion vs Royal meeting rooms.
p/s : how I wish the cash vouchers are petrol rebate vouchers .....

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