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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Elegance Tailor

I finally found a good tailor !

I did told you that I was looking for a good tailor. What do you mean good ? My defination of good tailor is that she must know her job well. Let me share more....

I was referred to this tailor at Angkasaraya in KL. Apparently her workmanship is good so it her labour cost. I did not set an appointment but instead did a surprise visit.

Her shop is rather small but enough for her to set tables for cloth cutting and sewing. I introduced myself and asked her whether she can still sew my cloths. Why such question ? FYI - Raya month is in October and most of the time, tailor do not accept order for sewings.

She still accepts orders and my clothes will be ready before September !
I like this lady because she can sketch designs. I believe, a tailor must know how to sketch, if not, how can you design ? And her assistant is a good cloth cutter and designer. It is her son - cute too!

I show her my 4 chiffon cloths and 4 sketches of designs were made. My 7 clothes will be ready in 2 batches. The first batch will be ready next month. It will be a test-bed whether she will be my favourite tailor for life....hehehe

Earlier, I found one tailor, cheap labour cost but very poor service. She is strike out from my list... sorry

p/s: I must be comfortable and look good in my clothes !

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