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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wedding @ Sri Cempaka, Cheras

I brave myself for a wedding invitation at Sri Cempaka, Cheras. This is actually next to PGRM building. Interestingly, Sri Cempaka is actually a hotel, complete with swimming pool. Such a low profile apartment suite.
Im happy that a lady friend of ours finally found her true love. She is in early 40 and she initially met her husband thru business accquitance. Invitees are her family and close friends. Wedding theme was mud-green and silver.

Food was really wonderful ! (esp for me who has not had good appetite). My kids love the rice and orange drinks.

The wedding is also a small union for some of us whom we have not seen for last 2 years. It was lovely to get to see familiar faces. We mingle and joke around before time to part.

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