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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Monorail Ride to KL Sentral

Yep! we took public transport today !

Initially, we do not know where to go on good Sunday noon. Then the kids cited "choo choo train..." and monorail ride came to the picture.

We took train from Jalan Raja Chulan station and head to KL Sentral station (last station). The was no crowd and kids go seats on their own. There were about 7 stops before we reach our destination.

We alight and cross the road towards KL Sentral where all public transportation is connected. To name a few, the local buses, fly-bus to airport, taxis, trains and trains to the airport. It is a once stop centre and the crowd is huge!

We made a stop at McDonald for light lunch and kids enjoyed their small toy. A cat figure - a character from Panda Kunfu upcoming movie.

Later we made our journey home. It was a great way to spend some quality time with kids !

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