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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Post Viral Fever Episode

My high temperature fever actually end last Saturday (21/6/08).

It was the worst fever I had for the year, basically I slept the whole day! What made the fever worst was that I did not had appetite to eat and I purge.

Good side of it is that I lost some weight.... hehehe

But, I noticed something, I do not feel like my own self. As if Im half awake, the head will start spin when Im out in sun too often and that I loose my stamina when I walk up/down stairs.

On Friday (27/6/08), I went to see my in-house doctor and she said this is signs of Post viral fever episode. Ghee......anyway, since my headache concentrated on my eyes and forehead, doc gave me migrane medicine.

Oh my god! the medicine was so strong that the headache worsen and I vomitted. I finally decided to stop taking the medicine and just drank water and rest.

My sister (a doc) advised me to take good rest. Post viral fever episode happens when you did not get enough rest for the body to build ups antibody and energy. HA! that was easy to understand !

With that, I make an appoint to rest rest on Saturday and woke up late on Sunday.... Feel good tho (no guilt for waking up late...)

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