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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gulatis Silk Store on sales

We came to know that Gulatis is having warehouse sales only on Thursday. Good deal from 49% to 70% discounts.

On Saturday, after good grocery day, we rushed to Gulatis store in Ampang. Being early, it was easy to get a car park and there was no crowd at the store. Each guest is assigned with one sales assistant which we noticed most of them are foreign workers from India.

A humble Indian man from Madras assisted us with cloth selections. There were 4 storey and the top floor is the main office. Ground floor is mainly dry clean silk cloths, second is washeable silks and third floor is the chiffons cloths.

I like easy maintenance lifestyle and only look for cloths that are washable be it silks, chiffons or viscose. With passion and patience, the Madras man guided us and we bought 6 materials - 2 of which are silks.

This was my first buy of chiffons cloths and the Madras man educated us in choosing the right linning material and colours. It was good learning experience.

After FOUR hours of soul searching, we made our purchase, bid farewell.
My next stop is to find a good tailor for my beautiful cloths!

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