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Saturday, May 31, 2008

AFamosa Resort Malaysia

I took a cab / taxi recently and noticed something interesting.....

Seated at the passanger seat, I noticed that the cab had leaflet pockets hanging over from the front seats. I could not understand the leaflets because it was in Arabic language / writting !

Why ? Normally leaflets would be in English or Bahasa. Then I remembered, month of June is summer holidays for the Arabs and month of sales for Malaysia.

Yup ! The leaflets are meants for the Arabs. Arabs spend summer holiday in Malaysia for 4-6 weeks and it can be more. Normally Arabs travel with family members and it can range from 4 person to 8 person or more. So spending quality time with family at AFamosa Resort is worthwhile.

I have not been to AFamosa, but I was informed that they have nice bungalow for rent with swimming pools. You can also try their entertainment park for a sweat !

AFamosa is in Malacca - historical place to visit. So make it worthwhile....

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