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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year End 2008 Lunch

26 December 2008

Yup - we are still working because it is month end closing. We rush the necessary, skip lunch because IT system is down at 3 pm.

Afterwhich, we adjourned to Sg Wang and head straight to Johnny Steamboat !

There are 9 of us and all are starving.

Tom Yam soup is poured into the steam bowl and set to boil. At the same time, we drop in fish balls, fish cakes, dumplings, prawns, crab meats etc etc. Once boiled, each of us take our portion and gobble the food!

It is super HOT as it just came out from boil !

Lastly, after all the goodies are eaten, we crack 2 eggs and eat them half-cook (do not stir the eggs while cooking).

We bade farewell to each other for the nice lunch and off home damn-full.

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