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Friday, December 12, 2008

Smart Reader Kids, Kg Pandan Concert 2008

30 Nov 2008

SRK Kg Pandan concert is held at Hotel Maluri again. It is at the same hall, next to the swimming pool ;)

This year is Yasmine's graduation year and Haleef's first's concert. So it is special event for both kids. It is also the first time my HB attending the concert at Hotel Maluri.

Upon registration, parents are given a gooddy bag and kids are to get ready for the concert. Seats are numbered and we got asile seats.

6 YO kids are to make a short performance and later the principal play a video candid moments of all 6 YO kids. Afterwhich, graduation ceremony takes place. Kids look great!

Next, concert performance done by kids age 3-4 upto 6. This year is about cultural songs and the costume are colourful and bright ! When kids perform, the audience laugh till they cry !

After great performance, buffet lunch is served. Kudos to Principal Wan for a great job done! This year's concert has improved so much, keep up the good spirit and creativity.

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