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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Damai Laut - Day 2

29 December 2008

It was not easy to wake-up early in the morning, esp after 2 hours of swim and cool rainy night. We quickly wash up and head for breakfast - yummy!

Later, we rush to our room, get change and jump into the pool. This time, the kids are braver, they know how to move around with their float. We got scolded for holding/pushing the float for them ....ceh...

We swam for 2 hours and headed to our room. Change again and off to nearest town for lunch. All back passengers are asleep (including ME!) by the time we reach the town hehehe .... We bought packed rice and some banana and tapioca fritters.

We rested awhile after our lunch, before proceeding to the pool. Swimming is like a marathon !

But the swim was short-lived when it starts to rain again..

We went to room and had an early dinner. After dinner, we sat at the poolside, enjoy the night breeze, listen to some music and watch our kids play.

By 10pm, we made move to our room and watch TV. Alas....get to rest the feet!

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