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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Damai Laut - Day 1

28 December 2008

This is our second visit to Damai Laut.

So much of fun memories especially when NY was still small. There were 3 of us, then.

This time there are 4 of us and NH is excited!

It is a windy day and kids love the sea breeze. We quickly check-in our room 152 garden view. Done with our prayers and lunch, we changed into our swimwear. Kids love their colorful floats.

After 2 hours of swimming, we went to our room, get changed for dinner time. Kids are still shivering after long stay in the pool.

We had buffet - Yes ! RM 55 for adult and RM 10 kids (>4 YO). We had fresh made pizzas (tomato and pineapple), pasta, steak, cakes and coffee.

Kids are really tired and sleepy. We end the day early.
Later at night, it starts to rain till 9 am.

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