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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Reflexology massage on CFC day

12 Dec 2008

Our booth organise a reflexology massage during Chances with Children day. I was one of the committee member and thought that I would not have the time to try it.

However, during the kids' game (which was supervised by other committee), I decided to squeeze 20 min and try it.

The massager are blind ladies. However, the lady who massage my feet does not look like one. Anyway, I already pre-warn her to be EXTRA GENTLE when massaging my feet.

She uses plastic gloves and apply lotion to smoothen the skin. It started with a ticklish feeling and later develope into warm sensation ....

To educate myself, I start asking questions. As she massages my feet, she told me that I have headache, difficulty in sleeping and did not drink enough plain water. Ayo! She knows my secret!

Apparently, the proper massage takes about 45 minutes. This allows the masseur to detect the weak points from our feet.

Thank god it is only 20 minute massages! I thanked her for great foot job done !

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ulin said...

aduh..bestnya liza...i need one when coming back to mesia nanti .....