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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Undergarment day

I went shopping today and first in the list is to find new undergarments for the family !

Firstly, the ladies department. My oh my, there are many choice of colours, designs and labels. I would normally go to my favourite garment. Managed to get 3 new colorful pieces.

Next, the kids section. I bought my son Hot Wheels collection. It comes in 3 bright strong manly colours ...hehe vroommm..... My sweet girl gets 3 girlish colourful panty for the new year!

This is my first time buying my HB's brief alone! I bravely went through men's dept and look for cool briefs. There are many briefs...colourful and have many funny designs..hehehe... Finally I bought him a decent one from London. Hope he likes it.

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