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Monday, December 8, 2008

Putu Piring

We would make an effort to stop by Parit Jawa Muar for RM3 of Putu Piring. This is a simple snack for Tea time.

Today we have the opportunity to watch how the stall owner makes his Putu Piring.
First, he sets his steamer to boil. Then place a layer of Putu flour on the "piring", add a thin layer of Gula Melaka and cover it with another thin layer of Putu flour. He prepares about 12 "pirings".

Next, he placed damped yellow cloth on the "piring", set it for a minute, gently toss-it up-side-down on the steamer. Slowly remove the "piring" and cover the bottom of the flour with cloth. It takes about 5 minutes to ready.

Slowly, he remove Putu Piring and place it on the table. Remove the cloth, add grated coconut and banana leave (cut into square pieces). Now the Putu Piring is ready to servce.

You must eat it while it is hot, it taste so great !

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